Letter to Editor

Dear Editor

I am surprised that you figured out Ankit’s (CBSE Topper from Government School) photo on Dwarka Parichay. All along I am under the impression that the portal is meant only for Shop Keepers.Property dealers, wheeler-dealers and unscrupulous Doctors and Advocates of Dwarka. I thought this time also taking advantage of the CBSE results, you would have figured some students of private schools and allowed some tution centres to take advantage out of it by giving some money to the toppers and get exclusive right to sell his name in wall post/portals and umpteen magazines being circulated in Dwarka.

My point is wherever he or she studies, not necessarily in some of the costly private schools in Dwarka, i.f one is bent upon scoring well, one can do it. The recent results show that even boys and girls from Government Schools can top the list. In Chennai, children of fishermen, hawkers, stall owners selling idly and dosa in rickshaw outshone boys from the elite Private Schools.

Well done.Keep it up. Publish more and more news about what is happening in Dwarka touching common interest and not the so called melas and cultural events patronised by the so called business community and politicians only with a view to further their interests.


email: raghuraman99@hotmail.com