Faculty Development Programme at Sri V.I.S., Sector-18, Dwarka, New Delhi

Sri V.I.S believes in re-training its trainers and that’s one reason the school starts apart. As a part of ongoing Faculty Development Programme, the school held the following workshops for the faculty.

28th June’10

‘ Action Research in Schools by Ms. Nita Arora in which the staff was asked to innovate and find out new strategies to make education more meaningful. The Action Research is a reflective process where in the individuals work as a team to improve their ways of handling a problem.

‘Upgrading the Educational Skills’– Ms. Mona Prehar of Educomp took the 5th session on becoming empowered teachers, using the latest technology.

29th June’10

‘Multiple Intelligences’ by Mr.Anupam Kishore Gakhar of GRG Consultants. A Technocrat and a prolific writer with advanced training in Film Making, he not only helped the staff to understand the concept well but also through staff interaction brought out the fact that all children have the 9 intelligences viz Linguistic, Spatial, Kinesthetic, Logical, Musical, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Naturalistic and Existential in varying degrees and most of the issues related to lack of motivation, recognition can be solved if the prominent interest of a child is attended to. The staff freely participated in the workshop and the school discovered a lot of hidden talents amongst staff. The staff also took a scoring test on measuring their own varying intelligences.

‘Asset Workshop’ by Ms.Reena Palit where ‘How Asset can be prove to be a effective tool’ was discussed. The teachers were trained to use the services provided by Asset in order to reduce the common misconceptions of the students which develop during the course of teaching-learning process.The school is planning to use Asset as a Formative Assessment tool as well.

30th June’10

‘English Conversation’ – Ms.Pooja Sehgal,a corporate trainer took the workshop where in she talked about the common errors which occur while using the language. The concept of deadwoods words were also brought forward and How Indianism of the language results in wrong spoken and written English. It was a highly enjoyable interactive session and in its own way touched the important aspects of the language.

‘Managing Behaviour’ – Ms. Pooja Sehgal also took a session on common classroom problems, reasons for misbehaviour and touched the concept of Ideal Child. Several tips were given to tackle and solve the behavioural problems like catch them good, award charts, jelly jar, chain gang, etc. She focused on rewards and appreciation rather than on punishments. A Hebrew Proverb touched the heart of everyone present there: “If we could read the secret history of those we would like to punish, we would find in each life enough grief and suffering to make us stop wishing anything more on them.”

‘ Food Handlers Program at S.V.I.S.’

As a part of its comprehensive health and wellness program, S.V.I.S. organized a nutrition and hygiene awareness program for the catering and food serving staff. The objective of the program was to help the catering and serving staff understand the best practice in cooking storing and reheating in order to maintain proper nutritional value of the food.