“Life is a maths equation,in order to gain the most,you have to know how to convert negative into positive”.Mathematics is the science that deals with logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. Maths is all around us,in everything we do. It is the building block for everything in our lives,including mobile device,architecture,money,art,engineering and even sports.It is not about numbers,equations,and computations.It is about understanding.

To increase maths aptitude amongst students various activities were peformed in different classes during maths week so that children could better comprehend the importance of maths. The objective was also to make maths interesting for students so that they become more and more keen to learn about maths. Maths week was conducted from 17th December-21st December.

Students of class I were given intraclass activity on fancy dress on shapes.The student came dressed up wearing different shapes and also spoke 6-7 lines emphasizing properties of shapes. Students had great fun and shown their creativity through their activity.

Students of class II performed “candy-con subtraction” where they were asked to perform maximum number of subtraction facts for the given number in the colourful candies they had pasted on A4 sheet.A student whole heartedly participated in the activity.

Students of class III were asked to find the sum of digits of their admission numbers and write the addition facts of the sum obtained in the activity named “Addition fact family”. Students did this activity with joy.

Sudoko puzzle was given to the student of class IV. They were explained the tricks to solve it. Winners were applauded.

Humbola was played with class V students. Each student was given a ticket to play. Numbers were spoken using different operations based on the chapter like factors,multiples etc. children participated enthusiastically.

Class VI was divided into groups. Each group was given five problems and student were asked to solve the question by first solving the clue and with that clue they were asked to reach the question. This way by solving a series of questions they were supposed to come out of the situation. It was a great fun for the students.

Students of class VII played a fun filled game named “Game of Thrones”. The student had to compete for the throne by solving questions in a fun game way. The team scoring the highest score was honoured by making them sit on the throne which was made in the class only.

In class VIII activity conducted was catch the crook. Series of questions were given to the students. The one who reached the crook first was awarded.

Students of class IX were asked to make solid 3D shapes by making nets of solid. They depicted different scenes, situations by using 3D shapes. Teaches made them further understand about the properties of 3D solid shapes.

Maths week culminated with Ramanujan Day where in class XI students participated in written tests followed by quiz. It was an inter school activity. The student got to learn a lot through this competition.

The MATHS WEEK indeed contributed significantly in arousing interest among the students of diverse classes.