Shilpa Shinde to quit &TV’s Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain

Prembabu Sharma​

Even a comedy show is replete with drama behind the camera. Popular sitcom ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai’ is no exception. While you are rolling with laughter watching the show, the makers are having a difficult time managing a particular artiste “and that’s Shilpa Shinde. Apparently, the actress and the makers are not on the same page, which includes the monetary aspect. We hear that Shilpa has been throwing a lot of tantrums on the set. Her attitude has troubled the production house to such an extent that they are planning to replace her in the show. Informs a source associated with the project, “She has started using her own costumes and has even hired a stylist, which has upped the show’s budget. She also wants her fee to be revised and keeps threatening to quit if her demands are not met. The makers have already started auditioning for a new actress to step into her shoes.”

However, Shilpa claims that she wants to quit the show on medical grounds, apart from other issues. “I have been mentally tortured by the channel and the production house. They have threatened to sabotage my career if I take up work on rival channels. Initially, Rashami Desai was finalised for the part; I was roped in when she opted out abruptly. I have stood by them during crisis and was hoping they would reciprocate in my time of need,” she says, adding, “I have expressed a desire to quit the show as I am medically unfit.” Says Shilpa, “My initial apprehension while taking up the show was that the shoot happens in Naigaon, which is too far. I had to once travel back home in a burqa as I had to travel by train. I didn’t even get time to consult a doctor when I suffered from a severe throat infection. They even use up my unblocked five days to promote their events. I don’t get time for myself.”What about the accusation of her using her own costumes and hiring a stylist? “It has been a year and there is no tailor on the set. They couldn’t pay the dress designer and I had no choice but to use my own clothes, which I even stitch on the set. Being a fashion-conscious actress, I can’t be shabbily dressed on the show. As far as asking them to revise my money, it’s my right. The show has completed a year and I am due for a fee revision,” she says in her defense.