Counselling Session started at Dwarka Hello Moms Centre

Counselling Session at Dwarka Hello Moms Centre (DHM) : Another Commendable initiative towards welfare of underprivileged women by DHM.

Dwarka Hello Moms(Regd.), NGO, running their centre at Pochanpur, Balmiki Choupal, Opp. Bhardwaj Tent House, is continuously working towards the welfare and upkeep of underprivileged women of the area. Apart from taking educational and vocational training classes at their Centre, they have started Counselling programmes also at their centre. This is really an appreciable step towards the underprivileged women of the area by Dwarka Hello Moms. Ms. Anshu Pandey, Counsellor has started counselling session at DHM Centre itself. Gathering of around 30 to 40 women candidates attended this session, who were really curious to know about it. This class was just an introduction class this time telling and explaning the meaning of Counselling to these women, for whom “counseling” word was totally new. The purpose of this counseling session was to build up faith amongst each other. DHM Counsellor put her best efforts to make them understand that any problem can be sorted out through discussions. DHM Counsellor Ms. Anshu Pandey explained them that they can always speak out about any of their problems rather going into depression or taking any drastic step. Another motive of starting this counseling is to spread awareness amongst these underprivileged women. They were assured that DHM members are always available to help or guide them in sorting out their day to day problems and they can feel free to speak to their Counsellor. President DHM, Mrs. Rajalakshmi Kurup informed that Counselling session will be held every 2nd Friday of each month between 12 noon to 2.00p.m at their Pochanpur Centre.

Citizen’s reporter
Rita Mathur