Minutes of the Review Meeting with Sh. S C Yadav, eputy Commissioner, Najafgarh Zone (SDMC)

Minutes of the Review Meeting with Sh. S C Yadav, Deputy Commissioner, Najafgarh Zone (SDMC) at Sector 22 DDA Park on 20th October 2014.

Utensils of Food Shops 
in Sector 23 Mall

1. Issue: 

Safai Karamchaaris (SK’s) are not doing their work regularly. Residents have no information about who is on duty and who is not. It was requested that a list of all Safai Karamchaaris be given to Sukh Dukh Ke Saathi Sansthan with their area of work and contact details for regular supervision.

Decision: The DC directed the SS (Sanitary Superintendent) to make the list available to SDKSS at the earliest.
Review: List not received till now. It’s about a month but a simple list could not be provided by SDMC.
Review Decision: The DC took strong notice of the negligence of the SS and reprimanded him for delay in doing such a simple task. The DC directed the SS to provide the list within 2 days without fail.

2. Issue:
Garbage is not picked up regularly. Sanitary staff claims that some of the waste belongs to
horticulture department while the latter claims that it’s the task of Sanitary Staff. In all this blame-
game, the garbage remains on road sides, pavements/footpaths and even on main roads resulting
in shabby looks and unhygienic surroundings.
Decision: The DC has directed the SS to ensure that all garbage, be it anywhere or of any type, be regularly picked and hyena ensured.
Review: Situation has improved a bit but still a lot more needs to be done.
Review Decision: The DC directed the SS to get the work quality improved to the satisfaction of the local residents.

So Much Garbage on Dwarka Footpaths Forcing Kids to Walk on Roads

3. Issue:

Roads/ Service Lanes/Footpaths which are often dug up for various reasons like civil and electric
repairs, provision of new pipelines or wiring. After the work is done, the extra soil/concrete etc
remains lying on the site of work in respective areas. It has also been observed that during road
carpeting or repairs, the extra material like rodi/ sand/ bricks/ tarcoal/ malwa is dumped on the road
itself by the contractors. This results in growth of vegetation (grass) on the road and it becomes
impossible to clean that area with a broom. Also it gives a shabby look and renders that part of the
road unusable and many a times accidents take place while people trying to avoid these
portions/potholes on the road.
Decision: The DC directed the AC to get the work done immediately which is under SDMC’s jurisdiction and inform the concerned authority (DDA) to get the rest of the work done immediately in public welfare. The residents also proposed heavy penalty on the contractors who willfully involve in such activities and cause damage to public property.
SDO Sh Pratap Singh of SWD 7 (DDA) took notice of it and assured that all the malwa/ left over by the contractors lying on pavements, footpaths, service roads will be removed within two days.
Review: The AC has not yet informed the DDA. SDO Sh Pratap Singh of SWD 7 (DDA) has done a lot of the work but still a lot is pending.
Review Decision: The DC reassured that the issue will be taken care of.

4. Issue:
Residents raised the issue of increasing stray dogs in Sector 22/23 and requested for needful to be
done. There had been a number of incidents of dog bites causing concern to public safety.
Decision: The DC directed the DHO to get all the stray dogs sterilized and give anti-rabies injections to all stray dogs.
Review: As per our information, a lot of stray dogs are roaming in the area and have even bit 2-3 people. No work has been done on this issue. The DHO may provide details, if he has done any work.
Review Decision: The DHO expressed his inability as there is only one vehicle with SDMC (Najafgarh) and the area is huge. Still he assured of action today itself.

5. Issue:
It was informed that a number of SDMC SK’s involve in burning of waste and especially leaves are
collected and burnt in empty spaces around. This is in violation of the environmental law and also
caused health problems of the residents in the area.
Decision: The DC took strong notice of this and issued directions to all officials to stop such activities forthwith and take stern action against the defaulters. The DC also asked the residents to send photographs/video clips of such activities by SDMC staff, if any.
Review: Burning of waste has even increased all over Dwarka to dispose of the garbage. Photos are being continuously mailed to the DC (Najafgarh) for action but we did not even receive a reply to our
numerous mails leave alone any action.
Review Decision: The DC asked the SS to educate the Safai Karamchaari’s and also keep an eye on such activities in the area and take immediate action.

6. Issue:
The residents informed that the SK’s put the garbage into the manhole/storm water drain openings
after sweeping the road instead of collecting and picking it up. Also, many food joints staff involve
in similar activities in Sector 22/23 Malls.
Decision: The DC directed the SS to conduct surprise check on such activities and impose heavy penalty on the defaulters. The DC also appealed to the residents to conduct sting operations of SK’s involved in such activities of putting road garbage into the manhole/storm water drain openings.
Review: We observed that SK’s still continue to put garbage into DDA Storm Water Drains and as appealed by the DC, we conducted sting operation and recorded one SK putting garbage so collected from road sweeping into a manhole in Sector 22, Dwarka. The SS has not taken any action on these
Review Decision: The DC asked the SS to educate the Safai Karamchaari’s and also keep an eye on such activities in the area and take immediate action.

7. Issue:
Sh. Shobhit Chauhan, President, Ek Sangharsh; informed that the problem of illegal posters and
hoardings in Dwarka is increasing day by day. Many a times, the staff doesn’t remove all the
hoardings and instead, does selected removal.
Decision: The DC directed the AC to go around and have a look and take immediate action against those found guilty.
Review: No action has been taken. The AC may inform the general public about the action taken by him or any of his staff official(s) with site of action of taken.
Review Decision: The DC has assured that all illegal posters and hoardings shall be removed by 31
st October 2014.

8. Issue:
Residents were quite concerned about closed parking spaces in basements of malls in Sector 22/23.
This leads to parking all over the roads and in front of the residential societies so much so that many
a times, residents are not able to move out of the societies for a long time.
Decision: The DC assured that he is going to get the malls inspected by the Building Department and get the best possible done in this regard. If need be, the concerned authority (DDA) shall be approached by the Office of the DC to get the needful done in a time-bound manner in larger public interest.
Review: No action has been taken by the Building Department.
Review Decision: The DC suggested to write to the DDA, Delhi Police and his Office for necessary action.

9. Issue:
Residents were quite irked by the Horticulture Staff DDA and SDMC dumping garbage in the
nearby vacant plots. Also people ease out in these vacant plots as they see a lot of cover. This gives
rise to a very foul smell, breeding of mosquitos and unhygienic surroundings.
Decision: The DC directed his Horticulture Staff not to resort to such practice in future and also write to DDA to curb such activities by the DDA staff. Sh. Raj Pal, AD (Hort.) DDA, also took notice of the issue and assured compliance.
Review: The practice of dumping horticulture waste into vacant plots still continues. SDMC has not
approached the DDA for this issue.
Review Decision: The DC directed the concerned staff to stop such practices at the earliest. Representative from DDA (Horticulture) was not present when this issue was taken up in the meeting.

10. Issue:
Sh. Parminder Khetarpal of SDKS requested the DC to provide them with some small space to start
preparation of green manure from the kitchen waste. A written requested duly signed by the
President of SDKS was handed over to the DC.
Decision: DC has directed the official of Horticulture Department of SDMC (NGZ) to survey the areas along with the SDKS members and finalize a suitable location for this purpose within a week’s time. DC highly appreciated the concept terming it as the need of the hour.
Review: No progress. No reply received to the written request given to the DC.
Review Decision: DC directed the concerned officials to visit the possible sites for this work and get it started.

11. Issue:
The meeting was scheduled to be held in the SDMC Community Centre, Sector 22, Dwarka but
the same could not be used due to it being in a very shabby condition. SDKS also requested the DC
that the Community Centre be allowed to be used by the NGO’s for their Meetings/Events on days
the same is not being used by someone else, against nominal charges such as Electricity Charges.
Decision: The DC directed his staff to ensure that the Community Centre is kept clean all the time and he also assured that he will look into the issue of Community Centre being made available to NGO’s.
Review: Cleaning not done. Sh. Rajesh Gahlot (MLA – Matiala) announced that SDKS and ANHLGT shall be allotted space in the Community Hall, Sector 23 Dwarka so that such meetings can be conducted very conveniently in that area.
Review Decision: The DC informed that a tender is being floated for cleaning of Community Halls in Dwarka. Further he directed the SS to do the cleaning done till the tender process is completed. Further, we wish to conduct next meeting with the DC at this Community Hall.

Additional Points Taken Up:
1. The DC was made aware of the unhygienic condition near a Construction Site next to Urvi Vikram
Charitable Trust (Sector 22).
2. The DC was informed about piles of garbage lying near Taj Hotel Sector 21.
3. It has been observed that a lot of food joints are operating in Dwarka without proper hygienic
conditions. Licenses have been given without proper analysis of the ground realities. Most of
these food joints do not even have a water connection and sewage connection. The DC took notice of the situation and asked the Health Department to form special team and inspect the
Food Joints from all relevant angles falling within the jurisdiction of SDMC.
4. Non Maintenance of Cremation Ground Dwarka Sector 24 was also raised. The DC has asked the
concerned official to give a copy of the MoU for maintenance of Cremation Ground with SDKS
and also assured that SDMC Horticulture staff with lead the next Sapling Plantation Drive at the
Cremation Ground.
Based on experiences in various Cleanliness Drives by Citizens, Capt. S S Mann of SDKS advised that the Sanitation Staff needs to be motivated and their welfare is catered to so that they work with
enthusiasm. He said that even if the SK’s work for 2 hours a day with full enthusiasm, the situation
would be a lot better. The Sanitation staff needs to be provided gloves, longs shoes and masks as
they have to deal with various unsegregated waste materials during their course of work. At the same
time, he also appreciated the staff for showing improvement however little it might have been in the
recent past.

NGO Representatives Present:
1. Capt. S S Mann (Vice-President) Sukh Dukh Ke Saathi Sansthan with 20 Members.
2. Sh. Shobhit Chauhan (President) Ek Sangharsh NGO
3. Sh. Diwan Singh (Natural Heritage First)
4. Mrs. Cicly Kodian (President – ANHLGT) represented by Ms. Asha Varshney
5. Sh. Balbir Singh Yadav (President – Senior Citizens Association Dwarka)
6. And residents of Dwarka

Official Present:
1. Sh. S C Yadav (DC) with Assistant Commissioner, Sanitary Superintendant, Executive Engineer
(Civil), DHO, Horticulture Officials, etc.
2. DDA (HORT) SO Sh. Jagbeer Singh.
3. SDO Sh. Pratap Singh, DDA (SWD-7)