Ms. Sangeeta Babani painted the first Nano Art Car

Indian most fabulous latkhatia car TATA NANO gets the new look in “Nano Art in Motion” Festival.Indo-Spain Artist Ms. Sangeeta Babani was one to create the piece of art on Nano. Starting out with the concept of ‘festivity’ and ‘celebration’, Tata Motors invited Sangeeta Babani to Paint the car and the show was curated by Pradarshak Gallery.

Excited about painting on the Tata Nano, Ms Sangeeta Babani plans to interpret the theme of celebration using her signature blend of realism and abstractionism, set to the vibrant color palette for which her art is known to follow. Admitting that this is the first time she is displaying her at on a car, the artist said, “I am glad we are experimenting with this form of art and it looks challenging. I have used a lot of colors to enhance the celebratory mood. Also, since the car will visit old age homes and orphanages, I want it look cheerful.”

Translating such a mindset on to the car as a canvas, Sangeeta has excelled at recreating a narrative of celebration and festivity, spreading cheer, going by the original intention of the company, to take the car around the city of Mumbai.