Status of New 16 Bore Well as on Aug 01, 2014

Dwarka Forum Filled PIL for Water Shortage in Delhi High Court on Apr 30, 14.

Court admitted the PIL of DWARKA FORUM and directed DDA immediate relief (Short Term Plan)

DDA proposed to augment water by digging 16 New Bore Wells before summer.

Status of New 16 Bore Well as on Aug 01, 2014

* Only Seven Bore Wells are working in full capacity.
* Two bore Wells are working on half capacity connected to UGR/BPS of Sec 12.
* Total around 190 Water Tankers (10 KL Cap) are filled daily.
* Total Output of new bore wells is around 0.42 MGD (Million Gallon per Day)
* Present and new addition water supply workout around 4 MGD for Dwarka City.
* Dwarka Water requirement is around 17.5 MGD
* Summer has passed but total 16 Bore Wells are not operational
* DDA in it ATR to Court informed that all wells will be operational by June 15, 2014.
* DDA has not quantified the output from new bore wells in it reply to court

Citizen’s reporter
S.K. Malik