The residents of Sector-14, Dwarka are living miserable life indeed
“We have 976 flats and we are facing various problems like poor water supply, blocked sewerage, street lights in our society”. Says Mr. V.S.Bisht-The president of R.W.A. D.D.A. Flats Sector-14, Pkt.1. In a public meeting with T.V. Channel (Delhi Aaj Tak) the residents of the said pocket revealed lot inconvenience, even the Sushil Kumar-Gen. Secy. of the locality blamed the officials (M.C.D. & D.D.A.) who never take interest to solve their basic problems, the flats are built with poor building material that’s why the plaster as well as the roof, floors, stairs are broken and very risky to live in these flats. Although 20-25 water tanks come daily to fulfill the requirements of the residents but they provide underground water which is not hygienic at all. Even Mr.R.D. Ahirwal & Ashwani Kumar pointed out that we don’t have the proper approach as well inner roads. Moreover, the large bushes standing in the public park in front of the pocket, is also problem creating, because this is the approach road for Sector-13 Metro station, but its very insecure root for the females. The R.W.A. has written several letters to the different departments but the situation remain the same, there is no improvement at all. The local Counsellor –Mrs. Dhanpati Gahlout also attended the said meeting and she noted the grievances of the resident and assured them to solve their problems with in a months or so.
In fact, the connecting path to Metro stations are unsafe from many sectors. So the incidents like robbery, chain snatching etc. are increasing in Dwarka. Nearby road connecting to Metro stations should be well – lit. There is darkness on the road connecting sector-9 metro station to ITL Public school. Many passengers have been attacked by the anti social elements. Metro authority should take up the issue with concerned authorities and ensure the safety of the passengers. It is learnt that many people are avoiding Metro due to this dirty, longer zig-zag and unsafe path (SOURCE: Dwarka Parichay.-news and information services)