MS Talks India: Online International Impromptu Speaking Championship 2021

There are so many contests going on in the world, but have you heard about ‘Online International Impromptu Speaking Championship (OIISC). May be not! There was a  mega online event  in India by ‘MS Talks India’ founded by Author Sherry on 29th May 2021 in New Delhi on  Zoom video conferencing platform .

Much credit goes to Author Sherry, the Founder & CEO of MS Talks, who at very young age has created ripples in the area of communication himself a 7 Times tedx speaker, 3 times Josh Talks Speaker & marvelous storyteller, is on Mission to create One Million Public speaker in 2030.

MS Talks India has done 250+ online & offline events in last 5 years of its operations, workshops and it has become an international platform already with 20,000+ speakers have spoken here.  Today MS talks has a wider reach and a community of 2.5 lacs+ public speakers globally by the name of Public Speaking Institute Community (PSI) on Facebook.

Author Sherry is an International Public Speaking coach, Global conference speaker and trained more than 15,000 public speakers across the globe. He has delivered 500+ keynote sessions with 50+corporate clients in 10 countries. Author Sherry has written multiple books which are International best sellers.

For the first time in India, any such Online International Impromptu Championship was organized. During this Pandemic Time where any public speaker, Can come can share their Impromptu Topic Experience Which is given by Respected Juries. All Speakers delivered there speech without being planned or rehearsed.  All Credit goes to MS Talks Team for giving a vision to the field of Public Speakers, authors, professional speakers, motivational speakers in the world.

MS Talks has in the past had organized Literacy conferences, skill workshop in different states. But during when everyone is working from home, MS Talks has created an online platform to change the way of becoming a speaker to learn from each other. This championship held on 29th May 2021 .Some speakers are experienced and some were new from all over India and abroad. Speakers from Mumbai, Ludhiana, Dubai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Guwahati, Hisar, Ghaziabad, Noida, Jaipur, Philippines, Jammu, Bhubaneswar, gurugram will eye for the online International Impromptu Speaking Championship. The list included Sonu Singh, Rohit Koka, Sakshi Kapila, Ankita Gaur, Rita Harlalka, Super Suresh G, Apurva Bhagat, Sourabh Janagal, Shweta Nayyar, Siddharth Kishor Gaur, Sanjay Jogani, Manish Sinha, Najrin Sultana, Lipsa Rani Rout, Munmun Kohli, Jibin Chacko, Harsha Mattu, Meena Karmakar, Priya Paliwal, Amit Choudhary ,Himani Karmakar, Bhavya Jain, Dr.Shelly Bhutani, Aditya Doshi, Shuchika Goyal Each and every participant  was wonderful. Events in your life have no meaning, you gave meaning to them. With such a resounding topics, and equally mesmerizing presentation. Honorable Jury gave wonderful topics showing the objects to delivered Impromptu talks It goes Without Saying that Anchor, Mr. Gaurav Jain (GJ). He did a marvelous job.

Advocate Subhash sharma – Secretary General MS Talks India also motivated the participants with his words of wisdom from life. Kulvinder Kaur (Kara) – Co founder MS Talks India has been the back bone with other team members, Rajat, Gaurav. Deeptendu  also contributed with his wonderful songs as a singer.

The Jury comprised of internationally acclaimed personalities The Juries were industry experts, International Professional Speaker, Emotional Intelligence Coach – Mr.Chander Sharma, Ms.Sulekha Chandra. They had an onerous job, evaluating the performance of each speaker.

Overall Champion Founder choice winner is Mr.Manish Sinha from Ghaziabad,. The Winner Trophy 1st Runner-up. Mr.Aditya Doshi   from Mumbai. 2nd Runner-up is Ms. Shuchika Goyal from Gurugram. Winner deservingly went to Rohit Koka from Mysore Chandigarh, India.

Titles to be won: Best Soft Skills Ms.Sonu Singh, Best Presentation – Dr. Siddharth Kishore Gaur , Best Content Mr. Sanjay Jogani. Top 10 winners is Shweta Nayyar, Ankita Gaur,Super Suresh G, Munmun Kohli, Lipsa Rout, Harsha Mattu, Bhavya jain, Meena Karmakar, Sourav Janagal, Dr.Shelly Bhutani, Najrin Sultana.

We wish all a bright future and keep participating in such meaningful events organized by MS Talks India. Our next event is happening on 4th July 2021 – Public Speaking Junior Awards & Championship 2021 to give platform to kids and teens.

We are truly grateful to our Associate Sponsor Neel David’s & Emanation,Gift Partner Cornitos   Media Partnersfor their support.