UNFINISHED JOURNEY : Story of a Nation

Story of a Nation
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Nepal: A look at this Himalayan country’s journey through the eyes of the author. The book is an attempt to make sense of author’s life to himself. The book has been divided into four chapters. The first chapter, thirty two years of life has depicted the growth of an author along with the growth of his nation. The important events that have taken place since 1977 in Nepal have been reported in the first chapter. The second chapter, imprisoned consciousness captures the recent events in Nepal and the analysis has been presented on how the Nepali consciousness captured due to these events. This chapter describes the Maoists rise in power and abuse of the same. The third chapter, New Ideas: New Context has focused on the new idea that has proliferated in the field of politics, society, economy, religion, science at the international context. The fourth chapter, Moment of Choice, looks to Nepal’s future.
This book is a story of human beings. How they are involved in the creation and destruction of their own society and nation. For this, Nepal has been taken as a case study. At age thirty two, the author relates his life with the life of his nation. How both of them have grown? The author has viewed the political development of Nepal through the lens of his father, who had been involved in the Nepalese political processes for the past thirty years. It explains the author’s perceptions about his country, society and people. The author has presented himself as a reporter and the book looks more like a memoir. As an inquisitive member of the nation, the author has only raised certain questions and has tried to answer them.
Foreword by Gagan Thapa, Constituent Assembly Member, Nepali Congress, Kathmandu, Nepal
SUMIT SHARMA SAMEER is a development consultant in Nepal. He has worked on numerous projects on AIDS, Health and Rural Development for Government Ministries and NGOs. He has worked as a television journalist in Nepal. Sumit has written widely on issues on Nepal.
MSc. Management of NGOs at London School of Economics & Political Science, London, UK.
BA Sociology, The Loyola College, Chennai, India