Rajendra Dhar 



The length of time that a person has lived or a thing has existed which is termed as chronological age and it is nothing but merely a game of numbers.

A persons real age depends on his Biological Age, Physiological Age, Psychological Age, Pathological Age, Hematological Age, Bone Age, Spiritual Age etc.


Your Biological Age is the age that most normal people would be, when they have a body and mind similar to yours. Compare this to your Chronological Age, which is the number of years you have been alive. Your Biological Age is based on a number of criteria:

BMI (Body Mass Index) based on your weight and body fat.
General health (especially digestion and immune system).
Outlook on life, and mental health.
Toxic intake based on your diet, smoking, alcohol and the environment in which you live.
Lifestyle including relationships, exercise and sexual habits.

Biological Age a controversial subject because there are questions on how you measure this accurately, as its variables are so numerous. Although the science may not be clear, what is clear is that there are fewer health problems and concerns with a lower age, and more health problems and concerns with an older age. It is estimated that between 75-90% of health care costs are spend on degenerative diseases (that is problems associated with getting older). No one wants to experience disease and reducing our biological age is our best hope of maximizing our healthy productive years, as well as increasing our overall life expectancy & it is very much possible if you know how to do it.

According to Ancient Hindu Philosophy a persons life span was not measured by number of years but a persons life was divided into three phases (AVASTHAS) & i.e. BAAL AVASTHA, YOVAN AVASTHA & VRIDH AVASTHA.

BAAL AVASTHA has a limit that is attainment of puberty. YOVAN AWASTHA can be limitless. VRIDH AVASTHA again has a limit & that is death.

Biological age has become a popular concept in recent years, despite the lack of scientific support, because in our hearts we all know what it means. You don’t need to use an online tool to determine your “real age”, common sense tells you that certain practices will shorten your lifespan, regardless of your Chronological Age. For example, how fast you are aging is heavily influenced by your Body Mass Index (BMI) which determines whether you are in the health/ weight range or obese for your height and gender. It is clear that if you are in the healthy weight range you are likely have a lower biological age. How many toxins you introduce into your body (eg. nicotine, alcohol) and the general function of your body’s systems (e.g.. digestive, immune) will all play a role in raising or lowering your biological age. Even your attitudes and general disposition play a large part in how you feel. If you do want to take one of the tests then consider using it more as a marker and that its value lies in taking the same tests again a few months later using the same yardstick and look at the comparative results. There are many on line tests you can take, just remember to save the results and check them against the same test 6 months later.

You can reduce your biological age and that is what our RISHIS (SAGES) in ancient times were aptly perfect in and could live healthy youthful life for hundreds of years chronologically.

Whatever your views when you begin to realize that you can change your level of health, you can begin to not only do something about your low energy levels and health concerns, but also prevent future health problems. No matter what your true age is, your active age can be lower. When this age is lower, when your body is younger than your chronological age and when you start taking care of your body, you will find that your body feels even better than it did 5 years ago.

When your body is running like a new serviced car and not like an old banger, your body will be able to fight off colds and viruses. When your body is given healthy foods and less stress, this means that you can overcome the damage you have caused, allowing your health to be as strong as possible.

This means a more vital lifestyle and the feeling of being able to do anything and to accomplish anything you need to do. You will begin to feel you want get up early, do the things you need to do, and then still have energy for friends and family. The brain will also work better when the body’s biological age is lower. It will be able to think more clearly and to remember things that you may have once had troubles remembering.

Think of it this way, the lower your biological age, the less you will need to visit your doctor, outside of regular check-ups. Staying away from the doctor’s means fewer prescriptions, and other medical costs, and, if you don’t have to spend money on health woes, then you can invest your money in taking care of your own health. The less time you spend tied up in the medical system, the more time you can spend having fun, enjoying life and making fiends.


A person’s age as estimated by his or her body’s health and probably life expectancy. A person’s age estimated in terms of function. The age of an individual expressed in terms of the chronological age of a normal individual showing the same degree of anatomical and physiological development.

Bio markers Used To Predict Chronological And Physiological Age:-
Scientists at the Buck Institute for Age Research have identified for the first time bio markers of aging which are highly predictive of both chronological and physiological age. Bio markers are biochemical features that can be used to measure the progress of disease or the effects of treatment. The research involves nematode worms, micro arrays which measure changes in gene expression, and complex computer algorithms.

This is the first step toward identifying similar bio markers in humans which would provide a means of scientifically validating anti-aging therapies.

Chronological and physiological age are rarely in synchronous. Determining chronological age in both worms and humans is easy – count forward from birth. Determining physiological age remains subjective – based on how someone looks or functions. Some 70 year old humans function at the level of those in their 50’s, others become frail elderly sooner than would be expected maybe even at chronological age 20. 

What is the definitions of psychological age?

Psychological  age is – how old you feels
Psychological age is the perception of how old one feels. This can be different than chronological age. For example, a person who is older may feel younger and visa versa.

Psychological age is an individual’s adaptive age capacities compared with those of other individuals of same chronological age. Thus older adults who continue to learn are flexible are motivated.control their emotions and think clearly are engaging in more adaptive behaviors than their chronological age mates who do not continue to learn, are rigid and unmotivated, do not control their emotions and do not think clearly.

In ancient India RISHIS over passage of times had identified certain edibles which had the capacity to replicate healthy cells (that is what modern medical science has been trying to do but so far without success) in humans as well as keep regenerating human organs both within and outside the human body. Not only this regular consumption of this edibles transcends spirituality in the person who consumes them.

From dug out scriptures it is now possible to identify all those edibles which had been identified by our RISHIS and has been able to achieve remarkable success after consuming the same with unfailingly regularity and as a result of the same has not seen a doctor or consumed any medicine for the last 26 years. Latest medical reports of the undersigned have shocked every doctor who has seen them and all are of the opinion that the biological age of the undersigned is anything between 25 to 35 years.

The good news is that anybody can do it as these edibles are no more a secret & are readily available and are not costly. However the secret lies in unfailing regular consumption in specified quantities, perseverance & patience as it takes some time before your body starts replicating healthy cells which the human body does on its own during the formative years.