Arun Banerjee

“Water is Life But Its Not In Dwarka” Established as Papankalan now known as Dwarka was developed by DDA under “Urban Expansion Projects” in early Nineties. On completion DDA proposes that Dwarka is supposed to house One Million people.

Dwarka sub-city, a planned city of DDA claiming to provide every infrastructural facilities was quite lucrative and attractive. People started pouring in to their new establishments with frivolous mood in the latest Planned sub-city situated in the South-West of Delhi with Dwarka as their new address. In this joy of coming to a new home, new address, people forget other civic amenities like water, electricity, connectivity, medical, etc.

It was a bolt from the blue when after some months of living in the new home, new address tea does not taste so good, hair starts graying, water coolers, washing machines and other appliances started rusting including the tap. At that moment of time residents of Dwarka came to know that there is practically no piped potable water supply and majority of the units are depending on ground water.

Is there lack of infra-structure for water supply? No. Network of pipe for water supply, Command Tanks are in existence but there is insufficient water. Creating such infra-structure without basic element is surely lack of Planning in Dwarka. When water will come, these infra-structures would have been rusted or tampered and again huge public money will be spent.

Munak canal the source of water for Dwarka was conceptualized to quench the thirst of Dwarka . MOU was signed between Delhi and Haryana in 1993. Crores of public money has been spent in the name of Munak Canal but Dwarka residents are waiting for that drop of water which will flow down through the Munak Canal and ultimately from their tap. There is no final time frame for completion of this Canal.

In Pocket 6-10, Nasirpur area. A part of Dwarka , water is supplied by DDA from Madhu Vihar through piped network. There is illegal tapping and pilferage by unauthorized colonies enroute the W/S line (can be seen in the pics) . DDA and other authorities knew very well about these illegal road cutting and illegal connection but have not initiated any action. Knowing theft DDA is not making any alternate arrangement for Nasirpur residents. It is utter surprising that no civic agency has neither initiated any action nor any complaint has been lodged about this theft. What this indicates? The Right of Water for lawful Dwarka residents are being happily enjoyed by nearby unauthorized and illegal colonies. DDA is just watching and in silence mode. Authorities knowing theft have not even filed any case with the local Police Station. Further more water is being supplied daily from Madhu Vihar for different pockets of Nasirpur but actually for these illegal users. Nasirpur Residents are paying price for it by using tanker water from DDA. It was requested to stop supply at Palam as it is not reaching the actual users but it was not given any weightage. Who is bearing this loss? DDA has no record. There seems a strong tie up between the civic agencies and the illegal users.

Palam – Dabri Road cutting without permission & illegal water connection. All going on rampantly without fear. Authorities are not bothered to lodge any complaint. Is there no loss of Revenue in these illegal connection. 

Societies deposited lakhs with DDA for water connection but pipelines are dry. If there is no water why money was taken from each and every Society in the name of water connection, is it for infra-structure development? Infra-structure for water is there but no Water. What is the use of such infra-structure if public for whose convenience it is being built remains unutilized or mis-used?

As a Dwarka resident it is felt that establishing a sub-city without proper civic amenities that too of WATER is totally unethical. Lakhs of Dwarka residents are practically without the minimum requirement of potable water.

Shall appreciate if DJB and DDA go through the reference cited below. It is BIS standard not worked out by any private agency. Dwarka Wants Water and Authorities are Supposed to Provide. No Excuses.

Refer :Indian Standard (BIS):1172-1993 is the basis of 135 litres/capita/day. This 135 litres/capita/person includes drinking (5 litres/capita/day), Cooking (5), Bathing (55), Washing of clothes (20), Washing of Utensils (10), Washing & Cleaning of house (10) and flushing of toilets (30 litres/capita/day).