AKG Memorial Lecture on “The Media-Mess-age”

AKG Memorial Lecture on “The Media-Mess-age” at Muktadhara, Gole Market, New Delhi on 20th July 2012 – 06:30 PM

AKG Memorial Lecture, conducted every year for the last three decades, is the most prestigious programme of Jansanskriti. The subject of the lecture is so chosen that it has contemporary relevance in the social, political and cultural life of the people. Already 26 such lectures have been conducted, commemorating the legendary AKG (Aayilath Kuttieri Gopalan) –a perfect human being, who fought colonialism as a member of Indian National Congress initially and as a part of Communist movement later; a person, who was imprisoned for several years on several occasions for carrying out struggles for the people, especially for peasants and workers, in the pre and post-independence periods; a perfect politician, who was the Member of the first five Loksabhas, and had been the Leader of Opposition during most of this period.

Shashi Kumar, founder of Asianet

In the advent of huge advancement of information technology today, the spread and reach of the media, especially electronic media, is unprecedented. This enlargement of the spheres of media, whether it is information, communication or entertainment, has a significant impact on the social and cultural life of the people. This year, Sri Sashi Kumar, Chairman of Media Development Foundation & Asian College of Journalism will talk about ‘Media’ and the title of the topic is “The Media Mess-age”.

Sri Sashi Kumar is the founder of India’s first satellite TV channel in a regional language, ‘Asianet’ and has been very active in the field of Media for about four decades as a newscaster in the beginning and further carrying out multifarious activities, including as a film-maker. He is involved in several international and national media-related bodies of eminence.

The 27th AKG Memorial Lecture will be delivered on 20th July 2012 – 6.30 PM at Muktadhara Auditorium, Banga Sanskriti Bhavan, Bhai Vir Singh Marg, Gole Market, New Delhi.