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19 th January 2010
Time: 15:14 Hrsat Jantar Mantar,

RCS office, Parliament Street ———————————————————-
Views of Dwarka Forum members on self allotment of flats

To the demands of reservations to Yadavs in Rajasthan, bow before Shri Mahender Singh Tikait or accept the demand for Telangana under pressure of fast un to death and then also keep the declaration under pressure from the other pressure group. In democracy, the unity and head counts first.  

Statement of Shri Mahabal Mishra, our area MP of Congress, is understandable that he went only to attend tea party their at the spot of the event. In Delhi, Congress rules and at Centre, Congress led UPA is ruling. Leaders should be fearless and they should be loyal to the public first and should raise their voice at party forums. After all, the members of these Societies have been victims of the ways of Registrar of Co-operative Societies, delay in delivery of justice by the judiciary, apathy of Delhi and Central Govt. When the RCS can promptly react to self-draw, why it cannot prompt the conducting the draws? We know that this draw does not hold legal validity but why the educated members were drawn to such a situation that they have to resort to such means?

One thing is clear, that this event will bring the issue on priority. I don’t think that RCS or govt. will be able to take action against anybody as threatened in the RCS notification because for this situation, RCS is liable and every body now understand this. The need is to take the media into confidence in the matter and that will make the things easy. – M. K. Gupta

Self Draw is nothing new and it has been done by societies in the past also.The issue of legality or otherwise will also get sorted by courts. But there are certain fundamental issues which will have to be addressed. Is there a need to have such a bulky organisation under RCS to deny the people their rights, when this can be achieved by just having an ASSISTANT. Is this organisation answerable to any body for anything. If yes, then what have those seniors done for justice to so many citizens. If things persist like this, a day is not far off when for day to day requirements, public will go courts rather than concerned department. – S C Arora.


I am one of those who still and would continue to feel that self draw was and is the only solution possible to this whole mess. How long can and should one wait? Had it been the case of a private builder not delivering within 4 – 5 years, I am sure people would have moved the courts and courts would have relented in favor of Aam Junta only (of course after taking their own time). But only for some officials involved in this, even the judiciary system failed to act in our favor.

People waited long enough and tried every way possible to make it happen in the usual way possible. If this incident sets precedent for future, it may well be so. At least, officials would now be aware of the actions people can take, if they themselves fail to deliver in time.

Courtesy our media, what has happened in Ruchika case is now known to everybody. We should always remember one thing that justice delayed is justice denied. Same rule applies to all of us as well.

Democracy is either run by representatives elected by people or by people themselves directly. If elected or appointed representatives fail to act, its very legitimate for people to take things in their own hands. Now it can either be called as “taking law in their own hands” or “fighting for their right”. – Inder Preet Singh


RCS has come up with below strategy against the MC of these societies
now, so that they can scare of at least some of the more societies
which are planning to do self draw in coming weeks.

1. Times of India 13th Jan , 6th Page
After two self draws of Cooperative Group Housing Societies (CGHS)
flats in Dwarka last week, the Registrar of Cooperative Society (RCS)
has now shot off notices to the managing committees of the societies
for which draws have been held. Maintaining that the draws were
illegal, the registrar has reportedly asked them to furnish their
replies within a week and asked why these managing committees should
not be superseded.
People involved in the self-draws said that till Tuesday evening
managing committees of a few societies had received the notice. ‘‘We
will give a common reply within the given time frame. We have already
replied to the registrar’s recent public notice that stated the self-
draw is illegal. We are not breaking law. We are instead implementing
the court order, which the registrar had failed to do for long,’’ said
Ashok Kumar, convener of the initiative.
Kumar, in his reply, said the registrar’s office did not clear a
single file in the past three-and-a-half years after the Delhi HC
judgment. ‘‘This has been confirmed through our RTI query. The HC had
cleared membership of all members enrolled up to July 1, 2007 and they
were to be treated as valid,’’ he added

2. Apart from this, they have asked the Kapashera division( South
West) to please not make any registry for these flats.

3. Regarding moving to flats, people are planning to move in to
these flats. As these are the raw flats, so it will take atleast 1
month for them to start shifting. Hopefully people would start getting
into these by February.

4. Regarding eviction from the societies, i doubt if RCS can play any
role in it. The land is in name of society, the charges have been paid
by society people. The members are the original owners. so, no way
they should be found guilty of anything. Govt does not evict even the
jhuggi dwellers, who does not pay for the land, and rather get them
prepared the ration cards and tries to provide other facility.

5. I am sure that someone from RCS office would also be a member of
this group, and would be keeping tap on the planned activities of the
members. – Ashish
—————————————————–We have been discussing this issues for so long.

Whatever RCS is doing that is expected but believe me if MC of the society has not done anything wrong except draw they will have to regularised it.One can say it is not the duty of MC but if somebody has done the duty of others in a manner which is not unfair, where is the problem.

Even in the case where the allotment was pending directly or indirectly MC of the society was also responsible.Now if MC is taking initiative for the benefit we should definitely support the move. –  sushil


If people have decided “Self Allotment” after such along
wait then actually it was a timely need and no other option left.

If RCS being a public servant can dare to disobey High Court’s order
for more than 18 months then whatever these suffering members had done
was due to him only and Court understands this very well.

RCS’s threateing notice on Jan 5 impacts a few only as even after that
notice, people repeated it again on Jan 10 and I hope will do it again
in future as well. India is a democratic nation and ultimately ruled
and governed by AAM AADMI only. People even keep on living in illegal
constructions and colonies for years and even then what happens, every
one knows.
While this is the case where :
-construction was legal.
-CBI did not find any problems.
-Court had ordered a timely allotment.

and what this RCS deptt did, just kept on avoiding the matter until
people had to take this hard step.

I appeal all suffering members,
Please remain united like this only and please do not get distracted
by any such Notice or messages, because we are in a far better
position after High Court’s order in our favor  – Rajat (Retd. colonel)

Suffering members who had been following up the Yogi Raj Krishna matter in the High Court may remember the report submitted by CBI/DDA on Societies ordered to be investigated by the HC on affidavit of Gokul Agarwal.16 Societies were separately listed which were ordered to be investigated but were already allotted. Members in these 16 Societies have not suffered like us and have been staying in their flats.Suffering members have resorted to self draw after exhausting all legal, political,and official remedies.CBI investigation has failed to act as a deterrent on RCS office. They continue demanding bribes in the name of verification.

The sections of DCS Act 2003 are known to the MC’s and members, and members have resorted to such extreme step out of sheer desperation, knowing the likely consequences. I feel the members are prepared to face such consequences.

Moreover, in the absence of any assurance from any quarter on time frame for legal draw, what is the alternative?. Retired persons/widows/people paying house rents only would realise the value of a roof of their own. In my view it is difficult to contain the self draw movement at this stage. Only weak MC’s still under the control of Builders are not coming forward and are in fact not allowing their members to meet in the Society’s housing complex.

Any concrete suggestion by any one to stop this euphoria?  – Vinod Sharma