No Need of Thanks !

R.D. Bhardwaj “Noorpuri”
There was a couple in their early forties. They had a good understanding & compatibility and everything was going on well in their life. But suddenly, one day, when they were going to visit one of their relatives, they met with a terrible accident when their CNG fitted car got fire. The wife was able to open the door, come out and save herself, but the husband got entangled / stuck in the fire of the car and thus, his face was severely burnt.

The doctor examined him thoroughly and then told them that – as the face of the husband had got damaged very badly, also advised them that it can be repaired to a great extent with the help of skin grafting technique. But the real problem is that they can’t take skin from own body as the man was too skinny and taking skin from his own body could result in jeopardising with his health and due to that, he would not advise them to take skin from his own body.

Caught in a very difficult situation, the husband and wife discussed the problem and ultimately, the wife offered to donate some of her own skin. The doctor examined the lady carefully and then observed that, the only surplus soft skin on her body that the doctor felt was suitable for grafting, would have to come from her buttocks. The wife also felt the proposal of the doctor quite suitable as she thought that, donating some skin from her buttocks would also result in giving a better shape to her own body, because she was feeling heavy buttocks some what embarrassing to her otherwise, toothsome / alluring personality. 

Taking all these plus points into consideration, the husband and wife agreed to the grafting operation and that they would tell no one as to from where the skin for grafting has been taken and who has donated that soft skin. They also requested the doctor that he would also respect their secret and shall never disclose it to anyone, under any circumstances. And the doctor also assured them that his medical profession also does not allow him to reveal such secrets about his patients.

With the assurance / promise given by the doctor to keep that secrecy of the delicate and sensitive matter and on this condition, the surgery was finally carried out. After the due period of rest and keeping his face bandaged for a fortnight of the surgical grafting of the skin, and finally one day, the bandages were removed. Result of skin grafting operation was really very astounding, as the man’s new face became quite attractive due to the newly gained handsomeness, even at that age.

The man looked more handsome than he ever had been before. When the doctor asked his wife as to how her husband looked after operation, she remarked, “He looks marvellous now, and he did not give that much beautiful looks even ten-fifteen years ago.” When his friends and relatives came to see him after he was discharged from the hospital, they too were just awestruck to observe him, even better than his pre-skin grafting days. The car accident has really proved a blessing in disguise for him, as he started giving the looks of his youthful charms, once again.

Both, husband and wife were so happy and satisfied with the success of the operation that they forgot the bad and unfortunate day of their fire accident. One day, when he was alone with his wife, and he was overwhelmed with emotions at the sacrifice made by his wife. He said to her, “Darling ! I just want to thank you from the core of my heart, for everything you did for me, for your sacrifice has given a new charm and glow to my face. Now you just tell me, as to how can I possibly repay your gratitude?”

His wife looked at him endearingly and said, “My dear sweet heart ! You don’t need to do anything for that, as after giving you my skin, I have also lost some excess weight and my body has also gained a better shape. Moreover, I really get all the thanks and lots of appreciation I need, as and when some one tells me that your hubby has become more charming even at this advancing age, more particularly when I see your mother kisses you on your new cheeks, I just enjoy those moments. My heart just gets filled up with that ecstasy! You just imagine, when your Mom kisses your face, which part of my body she kisses!!”, she revealed that hidden secret to him quite teasingly and both of them burst into a huge round of laughter.