Nominations invited for Giraffe Heroes India

Message from the Director

Dear Readers of Dwarka Parichay,

Some of you must have observed that Dwarka Parichay[DP] , for the last about six months is inviting nominations from all of you, for GIRAFFE HEROES.

The announcement which is being carried at regular intervals by DP also briefly mentioned about who the Giraffe Heroes are/could be?

Well, details about it are available at the website

Giraffe Hero is a person who sticks his/her neck out for commom/public good at huge personal risk.

This Program started in USA in 1982.So far only about 1400 Giraffe Heroes have been commended from all parts of the world by its USA[HQ] office.

Four years back, it was decided by the HQ office to have Programs of Giraffe Heroes in other countries of the world thru its Giraffe Heroes International[GHI] wing.

In 2012,Giraffe Heroes India Program[GHIP] was launched when Mr John Grahams ,Director GHI, visited New Delhi in June 2012.

I am privileged to be the 1st Director of GHIP.Since 2012,we have tried to create awareness about this noble Program-identifying Giraffe Heroes from India & commending them.The main aim is to throw light on UNSUNG HEROES from India & highlight their achievements, so that the other citizens emulate their heroic examples and make better society/vibrant India.

Some nominations have been recd & the Jury is examining/ considering the same

As, now, I live in Dwarka, I take this opportunity to invite all Dwarakites in particular to send nominations of any unsung-hero of Dwarka or any other, whom they know, to my e-mail id or to the   DWARKA PARICHAY e-mail id .

Dwarka Parichay,I am very happy to say is one our very valued Media-Partner.

Check for criteria & nomination form for a Giraffe Hero India.

Pl also let me have your ideas/ views on the subject & how will you like to associate yourself with this ALL INDIA PROGRAM .

I look forward to your responses.

With best wishes,

Vijay K. Saluja