One Nation Reading Together 2015 @ SVIS

Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka, participated in the “One Nation Reading Together Program” on 27th November 2015. One Nation Reading Together is an annual event organized by Scholastic India, where children in schools across the country spend 30 minutes on the designated day to celebrate reading as a pleasurable and enriching experience.

Students read the pledge specially written for reading by Sudha Murthy and celebrated reading as a pleasurable and enjoyable activity for 30 minutes along with the staff.

The Graffiti wall was placed where students were asked to scrabble their views, draw or paste anything related to reading. They were asked to write the name of their favourite book and author or their quotes or just their thoughts on reading and why they like to read. This activity aimed to create awareness among the students related to importance of the books and reading and also tried to make them student’s best friend and inculcate reading habits in the students. All the students of Pre-school to Grade 12 participated in this activity with great zeal and enthusiasm.
Sri Venkateshwarites celebrated the event by organizing various activities, throughout the week.

· Tale with a Twist wherein they created a new story that share a familiar fairy tale from a new perspective.

· Biography Project in which Students wrote their own biography.

· Fairy Tale: The Sequel in which Students represented their fantasy thoughts through writing a sequel to the classic story. 

· Poetry Slam involved students into creative writing and ideas wherein they created poems using words cut from newspapers.

· Students prepared really beautiful Bookmarks enthusiastically.

· Book Cover Designing – The students designed book covers for their favourite books.

· Storytelling – Another interesting session that young SVIS kids displayed was the storytelling. With the help of puppets and props students narrated the story to their peer groups.

· Character Dramatisation – Characters from famous series were enacted by the students. This role play activity really helped them to showcase their attachment and involvement with the character.

The students as well as the staff gained through this meaningful day. We wish to thank the Scholastic India for having given this opportunity to partake in the session which will benefit all for a longtime to come.