Dear Arnab,

Welcome with your REPUBLIC Channel! I hope & trust your channel will truly be different from other news channels and agencies, which are biased. 

Our NATION must come First every time and our Nation’s interest must always be foremost in our minds. Anti-National forces and spokespersons must NOT be allowed to air their views.

A suggestion is to telecast developmental news on REPUBLIC Channel, as these are scarcely being telecast in other channels. Bharat has a lot to be proud about and I hope you will show the positive side of Bharat to the citizens.

Second, our Nation’s History in the last 300 years has been distorted and manipulated by pseudo-intellectuals, who cry foul whenever the TRUTH comes out. Even after Independence, wrong history has been doled out in schools and strengthened by these so called historians (experts without expertise), who have a hidden agenda of working against the Nation’s interests. I appeal to you to take the initiative and come up with True Bharatiya History. You have the responsibility to shape public opinion on important National Issues, so that the hands of the PM are strengthened. It is not only for the Government but also for representatives of the media to publicize and set right the wrongs of governments.

One more point is that the Bharatiya independence struggle is a 1000-year-old history, with innumerable warriors including Lady Warriors who bravely fought and laid down their lives to protect Bharat from invaders. I hope your channel will give space to telecast the valour shown during our 1000-year-old freedom struggle.

Bharat was considered as the GOLDEN Bird right from the ancient times. I hope you will highlight these times; and schools running on the GURUKUL system of education, which were flourishing in tens of thousands right till 300 years ago. The Nation looks up to nationalists like you to incorporate all these and more in your channel, so that it truly represents the SOUL of BHARAT. Millions of citizens along with me are eagerly awaiting your return to the small screen to witness a paradigm shift and a revolution in the electronic media.

I wish you all the best in your endeavour and GODSPEED! 

Anup Y. Attavar
Connecting Indians
B.E. Mech. [COEP], P.G.D. – International Trade [IIFT, New Delhi]
Author & Creative Writer
Editor: Philosophical Texts; MBA Project Reports; PhD Theses
Special Correspondent (Western India): Dwarka Parichay Newspaper
US Higher Education Counsellor for Statements of Purpose (SOP)