Indian Prime Minister to visit Facebook Headquarters with Facebook deciding important modifications in world’s most powerful social media site

(Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist)

Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi deserves compliments for endorsing importance of social media when he decided to visit Facebook Headquarters on 27.09.20915 during his next visit to United States of America (USA).

In the meanwhile Facebook has rightly decided some important modifications where users will have option to endorse differently on regretful postings where presently they have only common option of ‘Like’ which looks odd while users endorsing postings of unpleasant aspects. Facebook should instead come out with an altogether new version of Facebook page incorporating suggestions/feedback received from users. However in the meanwhile Facebook should ensure that all postings on Home-page of users should be posted in serial of postings. Presently postings appear haphazardly with posting posted earlier come first and those done instantly go much lower.