Parenting an art or science..

Raji. Vishwanathan
Director, Ascent Academy, Dwarka

“Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation.” – C.Everett Koop

Parenting these days is a task in many ways because of the overwhelmingly advanced mind sets and ideas that the new generation child portrays. This is inevitable because of the ever changing outlooks and personalities of today’s generation and the fact that India, today, is becoming more broad-minded and with the exposure children have to cable (satellite) television. We  see a whirlwind of change in our young,
Tips of Good Parenting include the following points
  1. Take time to connect with your child on various levels. Talk and listen to your child, try to understand your kid’s point of view by putting yourself in his/ her shoes and being reasonable in your advice to him/ her
  2. Be a good friend to your child as well as a reasonable parent. Be flexible in your outlook yet create good, solid boundaries for your kids so that they can learn and grow with the right kind of discipline and rules
  3. Follow certain guidelines yourself so that your kid can learn from practical viewing. For example: If the toothpaste cover has to be shut after brushing and if that is one guideline in your home, then make sure you follow it too. Another example is: If eating in front of the tv is not allowed, then you practice that too by eating at the dining area and not in front of the television set
  4. Be a star example for your kid. Often, kids look up to someone and make that person their Mentor. Be that Mentor for your kid by being everything that they are in awe of or look up to. That is a sure-win way to bring about a harmonious relation with your child or children
  5. Encourage your child to develop the skills that he or she is interested in. Do not push your child into something that you are interested for them to be or do. Let them cultivate their interests and encourage them to do so.
  6. Do not put your child down in front of other people. This cultivates a sense of disagreement and discomfort in the kid’s mind and this calls for trouble.
  7. Last of all, Be the best that you can be. You were a kid once too. Yes, Agreed that kids today are far different from kids belonging to an earlier generation but still, deep down it takes easy steps and easy methods to connect with a child’s heart and once you get there, you will find potential and beauty and all things pure.

Being a role model has proved to be working perfectly. You just need to strive to achieve excellent positive mental behavior. It speaks for itself. This is the actual starting point.

The act of discipline is good and even  productive if it does not negate the issue in question and the appropriate approach. You are said to achieve meaningful result if you can introduce the way out considered to be positively motivating to them. No reasonable person will deliberately go the wrong way. Similarly we just need to gradually show children the most rewarding direction and they will strive to maintain standard.

So, Dear Parents we wish you happy and joyous parenting.

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