Actors speak about their favourite politician and who they feel is ideal to be the PM of India

Prembabu Sharma

Shashank Vyas -Everybody talking about Narendra Modi. And yes said he is much popular among masses so he has brought chances plus youth also look upto him I am not here to promote any particular party or favouring. Actions speaks louder than words. So what I know he changed Gujrat. If chance given to we can expect change nationwide he seems to be the candidate for becoming PM.

Arif Zakaria – My favorite politician this season has to be Narendra Modi for the unprecedented hype, hoopla and illusion he has created. His ad campaigns and radio spots give the impression that the day after he’s sworn in prices will fall, inflation arrested and we would transcend heaven. Such is the hoopla created. Personally I would prefer a moderate thinker like Nitish Kumar or even Shivraj Chauhan(CM of MP) as PM. They are not hardliners, seems less fascist, and do possess selflessness which is important.

Adhvik Mahajan – I will support Narendar Modi. He is just awesome politician. He makes firm decision. The development in Gujarat speaks everything about him and his work. He would be the perfect PM. I think he should surely reduce entertainment tax. Films is the most common form of entertainment the common man indulges in. The good films surely be made tax free so more and more people go and watch it.

Sharad Kelkar – My favourite politician is Raj Thackrey. His personality is amazing and his speech is lethal. His attitude along with all he has makes a lethal combination. Narendra Modi would be the PM and India will see a light and Ray of change with his focused ideals and no nonsense attitude. What India needs is a corruption free leader.

Vivian Dsena– Narendra Modi is favourite politician. He has developed Gujrat very nicely. He has the charisma of a leader. He would be the next PM. He would revolutionize the country for sure. TV industry should be taken more seriously and it’s a fact that it provides employment to thousands of people. The presence of TV industry as much as the film industry should be recognized.

Rashami Desai– Narendra Modi fits the bill to be PM. . He has done wonders with Gujrat. I have been visiting Ahmedabad often and I find it a developed city. He seems to be the ideal candidate for becoming PM. India’s issues need to be addressed like road, pollution and cost of living. As long as the interests are taken care of the common man everyone should be happy. Entertainment tax should be reduced as films in theatres is a larger than life experience and people like to go out and watch films on weekends.