Parking Problems in Sector 21 Metro Station, Dwarka

Attention: Mr. Alok, Vigilence Inspector, DMRC

Dear Mr. Alok,


It is unbelievable that there IS NO PARKING available at this station. Its more of a SHOCK than SURPRISE that such a swanky station does NOT HAVE a PARKING space, for a population of more than 6 lakhs residents of Dwarka. As you are aware the master planned subcity like Dwarka we have more cars than buses. DTC is still to start full fledge services covering all the sectors, for people to totally depend on buses and leave their cars behind to reach various Metro Stations especially Dwarka – Sector 21 which connects both Airport and Railway Station and the business location of Connaught Place. The Residents are more than happy to use the public transport provided they have one.

As discussed with you, please find below the Parking issues faced by residents of Dwarka:

1. Sever shortage of Parking Space
 There is aboslutely no space to park inside the metro station compound.
A mere 50 cars can be parked in the space available.
No area allocated/arranged by DMRC to park (even temporarily) outside the compound.
As a result cars are parked all over the service lane – which is completely illegal and unauthorisd. Also it terms of security/ threat presception.

We are at loss to understand how come DMRC could not think of parking space for various types of vehicles when building this swanky station which caters to the public both, rail and air, including the masterplan provision ECS (Equal Car Space) per 100 square meter.

2. Current situation of Parking
The contractor does not pay heed to anyone.
He does not allow cars to park inside the compound and allows only bikes to be parked (as he will get more money)
Is it the discretion of the Contractor that he will decide whether cars or bikes will be parked inside?
Who gives him this powers?
They charge parking fee for even the cars parked outside the coumpound.
Has there been any vigilence action carried out at this station?
Your website has details of contractor who is no longer there. Pls update contact details of the current contractor.

We demand:
1. Immediate requirement of more parking space.
2. Immediate visit by Vigilence Officers to check the Contractor.
3. Multilevel parking – for various vehicles (car, bus, scooters, taxis, auto, bikes etc)

Urgent Requirement / Suggestions:
1. Temporary – Leveling of ground available next the Metro station for car parking.
2. Reliance Metro – to start feeder service bus as they have done at Shivaji Stadium (very convenient)

Mr. Alok, as discussed, you may forward this mail to the relevant department to take up the matter on a WAR FOOTING. The situation is really very bad. So we would urge you to take necessary action immediately and update us.

We look forward to your cooperation in resolving this very important issues. If you require any help from us, please feel free to contact us.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regbards,

Joint Secretary – Dwarka Forum