Prembabu Sharma

Kalyani Kala Mandir recently presented ” THE LEGEND OF HEER” a musical dance drama capturing various shades of emotions through music and dance of the legendary love story of HEER–RANJHA at the Civil Services Officers Institute in New Delhi. It enabled the audience to witness the magic of two accomplished names in the World of music and dance; Rashmi Agarwal and
Rashmi Khanna.

This one hour presentation portrayed the true story of the Heer Ranjha love saga, through the eyes of Heer. A tragic love story like no other – it portrayed a myriad of emotions, from love to betrayal to hope and the universal truth that love exists beyond the barriers of life and death.The music for the performance was composed and sung by the famous ghazal/sufi singer Rashmi Agarwal.

This presentation was choreographed by Rashmi Khanna and Narendra Kumar with a blend of drama, modern Indian creative ballet and Latin American dances .This talented group of performers succeded in charming the audience. Kalyani Kala Mandir’s Rashmi Khanna said, “We seek to foster the exchange of traditional Indian values and generate awareness of the cultural traditions and heritage of India with the medium of classical music and dance.”