M K Gupta

Police will register FIR in all cases of snatching; this assurance was given by the ACP, Shri Surendra Kumar to the Dwarka Forum.  He said that in case residents face any problem on this score, they can complaint to him on his mobile. He also said that he will take care that the metal detectors installed at the entry of markets work properly.  The Rejimon, President, Dwarka Forum suggested that to save these detectors from rain, they can be covered from plastic sheets. ACP said that he is aware about the open drinking near the wine shops especially at sector 6 and 23 markets and he will ensure that these are stopped.  He also showed concerned about the non-working streetlights particularly at Metro station of Sector 10 and along side the metro track. He said that the CCTV cameras will be installed at the strategic locations in market and other places. The Dwarka Forum said that in some areas, about 80% lights are non-working and DERC has written to the BSES on this issue. The Dwarka Forum asked for a copy of the letter written by the police for the streetlights to take up the matter with the DDA and BSES directly. He said that in view of the forthcoming festival season, women should exercise special caution against the chain snatching etc. and all other residents should be more vigilant.  He said that if the residents notice any laxity at the different beats, the matter should be brought to his knowledge.  Members also demanded that some venders, thela/rehriwalas should be allowed to sell vegetables due to the paucity of weekly bazaars as it is fruits and vegetables are essential for survival.

The meeting held on Saturday, 25th September was attended by Shri Regimon, Sushil Kumar, M. K. Gupta of Dwarka Forum, Mr. Dhunta from Sector 8, representatives from sector 13, 22 and 23 (Shri Khetrapal, Sh. DC Mathur and Sh. Chawala) and others. It was decided that one more meeting will be held after a fortnight to review the progress and to hold further discussions.

Dwarka Forum call upon all the residents to insist for registration of FIR if any unfortunate case of snatching takes place and in case of non-co-operation from the police, inform to ACP and Dwarka Forum. The step will definitely lead to the reduction of such case as the police will be under pressure from the higher authorities due to increased rate of such crime.

Dwarka Forum urges the residents that in case of any suspicion, please inform the police on 1090, send SMS to Senior Police Officer on their mobile. CGHS Managements/ RWAs should also form forward to hold periodical police-public meetings in different sectors. As Dwarka need CCTV cameras on its entry and exit points, residents can suggest sponsors for this. They are also advised to use metro/ DTC/ undertake car-pools in place of using individual vehicles instead of individual vehicle.