The gracious presence of our almighty ‘Shree Sai Baba’ in this kalyug has immensely helped & proved to be a boon for all sections of people across different walks of life. To further spread & highlight ‘Sai Baba ‘teachings of love, peace & harmony among the masses and to give them a lifetime experience of being physically in Shirdi.

SHREE SATGURU SAINATH TRUST has taken up the spiritual task of conducting the PEHLA VISHAL SAI MAHA KHUMB at Leisure Valley Park, Sector 29, and Gurgaon on 7th November 2009 on a grand scale with an expected gathering of more than one lac devotees. The devotees can enjoy the live telecast of the Vishal Sai Maha Khumbh Satsang on Sadhana and Divya Television channels.

Kind request to all the devotees … Please contribute for the cause to the best possible extent. As this would enable us to organize the event on a grand scale thus making this religious endeavour a truly memorable and a cherishing experience…

Following are the details of the programme. It is scheduled as per the Shirdi norms, followed by the AKHANDA BHANDARA.

1. Kakar Aarti —————-5.00am(Conducted by priest from Shirdi)
2. Mangal Shanan ————5.45am(Conducted by Devotees)
3. Pandharpur Aarti ———-6.15am (Conducted by priest from Shirdi)
4. Darshan Prarambh ———6.30am
5. Shree Sai Amrit Varsha —-7.00am (Conducted by 9Yrs old Aatmesh Anand & Aaditi Anand)
6. Shree Satyanarayan Vrat Katha -8.30am(Conducted by couples under the guidance of priest from Shirdi)
7. Havan ——————–9.30am (all devotees are invited to Participate)
8. Shree Sai Bhajan ———-10.00am by (Shri Saxena Bandhu)
9. Madhayan Aarti ———-12.00pm (Conduct by priest from Shirdi)
10. Akhand Bhandra ——–12.30pm (onwards till SAI wish’s)
11. Shree sai Bhajan ——–13.00pm by (Sufi Singer Shri Hamshar Hayat)
12. Dhup Aarti ————-At sunset (Conduct by priest from Shirdi)
13. Shree Sai Bhajan ——–19.00pm by (Shri Manhar Udhas)
14. Shree Sai Bhajan ——–21.30pm by (Shri Anil Bawra) till Sai wish.

We request your kind presence for this auspicious occasion to feel ‘Sai Baba’ presence and get overwhelmed by the divine energy. We would highly appreciate your call for suggestions and contributions on the above mentioned nos.
Contact – S.K. SETHI – 9910381655