Poor Condition Of Roads & Drainage System in Block-B Sector-8, Dwarka.

The Vice Chairman ,
DDA, New Delhi.

Photographs of B Block of Sect-8 , that looks like a water body in the first Rain of this season..
Also see the pot Holes filled with water , after few showers of rain, in the internal roads.

The issue has been raised to The Ex. Engineer WD-8 , number of times but NO RESULT.
In the absence of proper drainage the premixing of Roads done recently on 13 meter Roads , will also be damaged , for which FIX the responsibilities of the concerned officers waisting the Public Money.

If some immediate solution is not Found for Drainage and RECARPETTING of Internal Roads of B Block , The matter will be resolved , through filing a PIL in Houn;ble High Court , for such type of negligent Services.

Citizen;s Reporter: Purshotam Behl
Email: pbehl69@yahoo.in