Problems at Netaji Subhash Apartments Sector -13, Dwarka

The Editor
Dwarka Parichay

Re: Illegal activities of BSES.


In their callous indictments, two governmental agencies i.e. Delhi Development Authority (Apex body Under Central Government) and Department of Power, Govt. of NCT Delhi benefited BSES Rajdhani Power Limited a private power Distribution Company of our area to utilize the premises illegally and moreover without any payment. The illegal functioning of BSES’s Divisional office in Pocket I, Phase -2, Sector 13, Dwarka, New Delhi turning the life of the residents into a hell. It is unfortunate that although decade have gone, the problems is still persists. The pertinent facts are asfollows:

2. As per practice DDA built the Electric Sub Station (ESS) for installation of transformer for smooth power supply to the area. Accordingly, DDA built ESS for our area.

3. After privatization power distribution system in NCT Delhi our area transferred to BSES. BSES converted Electrical Sub Station (ESS) into their full fledge field Divisional operational office after erection an extra floor and also setup complaint centre. It is precisely mentioned here that these developments done without obtaining prior approval of the Competent Authority.

4. Due to divisional office of BSES residents find themselves in panic and great havoc situation. As such large numbers of contractual workers are engaged by BSES are remain in the premises round the clock. These workers remain half dressed uttering odd slogans stay sitting with their co-workers, even in drunken condition after sun set or roaming in the pocket.

5. BSES’s Divisional office is also having fleet of numerous vehicles including heavy cranes. These vehicles arrive or depart almost every 2-5 minutes. These vehicles snatched the children freedom to play and also gave the sleepless nights to the residents.

6. Moreover, large scale of people (from 10 to 100 in numbers) of adjoin area visit our pocket almost every day and even odd hours to lodge/resolve their power supply related complaints. Even some time these people turned violent and create fear in the mind of residents.

7. As per record, DDA transferred land meant for Electrical Sub Station to Principal Secretary, Department of Power, Government of NCT Delhi. The Department of Power, Govt. of NCT Delhi granted permission to BSES for installation of transformer. No permission was granted to convert ESS into Divisional office.

8. Department of Power, Government of NCT Delhi has carried out site inspection and found that a complaint centre and divisional office of BSES is functioning on first floor of ESS building and utilized adjoin area to park their vehicles cable, oil drum and store materials etc. (Copy enclosed).

9. In absence of fear, BSES officials moved ahead and installed water connection on main circular drinking water pipeline meant for residents, again, without seeking permission of the Competent Authority. Perhaps, you may aware that the water situation is very critical in Dwarka and the action of BSES has increased extra burden on existing infrastructure.

10. Despite of regular calls and mails, we are surprised that neither DDA (Constitute Body under Central Government) nor Department of Power, Government of NCT Delhi paying any attention to resolve the problems effectively.

11. We shall greatly appreciate if you could kindly consider to publish aforesaid problems in your esteem Newspaper so that authorities concerned may take appropriate action.

Thanking you in advance and with kind regards,

Yours faithfully,
J.B. Karki, President
M: 9811810269
For and on behalf of RWA Netaji Subhash Apartments