Issue on advertiment board in Sector-14, Dwarka

Dear Sir,
This is to inform you about the regular problem that I am facing at my resident in Sector-14, Kautilya Apartment, and Dwarka from the Flat no.01 Dentist who runs his clinic here. I stay in Flat no 10 at the top floor. The doctor has put the advertisement board on my terrace all around. He has not only damage my terrace wall but kept lot of broken tubes, rods, iron broken board. I have a water drainage problem in rainy seasons due to which i changed my internal house wiring thrice.
I denied him before putting the board on my terrace. Even we had a recent issue where the 2 advertisement board flew off from terrace & fell down from around 30-40 feets height & fortunately no one came under it. The children keep on playing through out the day everywhere & any such incident can cause the serious injury to any child. Even I gave a letter of it to my RWA team but no strict action is taken against him. As per him, the terrace is his & free to him to do whatever he wants. The Children plays on the terrace & they may get injury from the broken tubes, boards lying on my terrace. I requested him so many times to remove it but he don’t listen to us.
He is a terrible guy who has broken the terrace wall so badly & also robs the water from our water tank & we caught him so many times red-handed but he still does the same things on regular basis.
Pls help me on it so that the any-mishapping can be avoided for the sake of small little children of our future society. My RWA team is not helping me on below & that is why I came to you.

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