Tips on Safe Diwali

Dr Mukesh Verma

M.D. (Pediatrics)
Consultant New Born & Child Specialist, Najafgarh 

Diwali is a very special day for millions. People start preparing for the celebrations a few weeks in advance but as the day approaches it becomes important to register a few important tips to keep it safe, enjoyable and in the end be healthy.

Appeal to the public

· Sweets are hard to resist when there are plenty of colorful sweets everywhere. But we should also remember the fact that this is not good for health & so it is always advisable to keep the intake of sugar and starch to its minimal.

· It is also advisable to stay away from sweets that use chemical preservatives, because the intake of such preservatives can cause damage to our kidneys and liver.

· It is important to avoid sweets that have silver coating. Because such foils are often adulterated.

· In times of increasing air and noise pollution, it is important that we be responsible while using firecrackers. It is good to buy as little firecrackers as possible, because that can help us spend less and can also stop us from polluting our environment.

· Exercise caution while bursting firecrackers during Deepavali and avoid grievous injuries. There is ever increasing number of eye injuries during Deepavali every year.

· The firecrackers should be stored in cardboard boxes and kept out of reach from children. They should be kept away from inflammable substances like gas cylinders.

· Only one person at a time should light a firecracker while others should watch from safe distance.

· An open area should be selected to burst crackers. While bursting crackers on the road, vehicles should be parked at a safe distance & it might prove to be dangerous for bystanders or for the passing public.

· Children should never be left alone with crackers and public should use a long candle to light crackers.

· Two buckets of water should be kept handy and in case of burns, pour lots of water on the affected area

· In case of major burns, before rushing to hospital, victim should be first wrapped in a clean bed sheet.

· If eye is affected, the victim’s eyes should be washed under tap water for 10 minutes before going to hospital.

· Wear earplugs while exposed to explosive crackers. It might sound a bit fancy, but if we ignore it the excessive noise might damage our ears in the long run.

· It is better to say ‘no’ to alcohol as any excess is easily possible on this day of celebration. It can not only give you a hangover but also is unsafe if you must drive your car and visit your friends and family.