Prof. B.N. Mishra Chairman, BOG, NSIT

Prof. B.N. Mishra
Chairman, BOG, NSIT

Professor B. N. Mishra holds Bachelor, Master and Ph.D degrees in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He is Life Member of IEEE, USA and Fellow of IETE, India. He has made a very distinguished contribution to engineering Education academically, pedagogically and administratively. He joined DCE (now DTU) in 1968 as Assistant Professor where he became Professor in 1971 during the 10th year of his total service. He organized for the first time the Faculty of Tech. of Delhi University, the Committee of Courses in various disciplines and Board of Research Studies as per the statutory provisions.

As the Dean of Faculty of Tech. and Chairman Board of Research Studies, he facilitated admission of a number of Research Scholars for Ph.D degrees in the Faculty of Technology for the first time. He is the first Ph.D of the Delhi University in Engineering. He introduced a number of innovations in the Laboratories and Theoretical courses, most importantly in Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Computers, Control Systems and Microwaves. He was instrumental in ushering in Exam reforms that saved valuable time of students for studies. He was on foreign assignment from 1979 to 1982. In 1983 he became founder Director of DIT (now known as NSIT) which has made a very rapid progress. This Institute starting from the scratch has risen very fast and has carved out its place of respect and recognition in the academia, industry and society. He had drawn up a Profile of Growth document for the development of NSIT which was very much acclaimed and adopted by the Govt. of Delhi & Govt. of India. NSIT is developing on the lines as suggested in this Document. He had brief stint at the GGSIP University, where he laid down the basic principles of Teaching and Evaluation.

He has been the Founder Director of Maharaja Agarsen Institute of Technology which again is the best Institute in the GGSIP University, Delhi.