Response to – Incomes have risen faster than inflation: PM

Rakesh Manchanda

Being a student of Economics and Human Welfare, I wish learn from our Hon.PM-Dr. Manmohan Singh Hon.PM that if income has increased as pointed in the news clip of his speech it is the income of which segment ?

CEO higher managers who are less then !% or ordinary workers -who are in majority in the manufacturing segment ?

Allow me to apprise Hon.PM and Rahul Gandhi via this National Newpaper that it is a matter of national shame that Indigenous market today fails to produce their own Rakhis and Lord Ganeshas as statues and lose to China made such products. What is the problem ? Why Indian investor is more comfortable to have machine intensive production then the worker intensive wheel of production ? When a tractor can replace at least twenty agro workers in a cotton gin why should the Indian manager opt for botheration of labour intensive works for which their CEOs feel weak to control ? The false bogey which the investor raises is that if the wheel of production is more labour intensive then cost will go out of control because of higher wages.If this is true why NANO car is struggling to sustain in machine intensive format ?

Higher wages according to most means products becoming more expensive and will be chased away in world market. Instead of producing effective production by controlling habits and auditing eight hours investment and mileage of each skilled and unskilled labour the Indian investor is kept in a state of fear by advisors and outdated CEOs. When China can use their vast labour force why cannot the Indians use the huge workers pool to their advantage and produce cheaper Rakhis, Ganeshas, cooking oil and apparels ? All Indian investor does today is to motivate production by inviting and hiring occasionally a strange person called priest to help with magical hymes having no links with process of work. Such capacity builders called gurus and preist in past were infact the business trainers to keep the human resource in the team connected to excel in military training and civil works like digging of wells in the era of feudal work intensive society.

Today in the human capital intensive environment the hired pundits are given money and send back after few hours of team celebration and prayers and unorganised production continues.

Indian investors need to learn and discover new India new market with no short cuts from the unproductive sport like Cricket. Strict discipline, time management. Honest skills produced in the religion called Cricket need to be transformed in industrial productions. People understand simple links in sports better then industrial Science with less productivity resulting in Bharat Ratnas to newer Gods like Tendulkar.

Work with finishing line controlled productivity need an overall systemic change.