RTI for a better Dwarka – Dwarka Sector 22-Underpass Water Logging

Citizen’s Reporter
Rejimon C.K.

Sh. Umesh Kumar
DDA, Mangla Puri
New Delhi -110045.

If any of the information sought above does not pertain to you, kindly forward it, under intimation to me, to the respective department under section 6(3) of RTI Act 2005 within 5 days receipt of application CLEARLY MENTIONING PART or FULL Application, If PART then clearly mention the question ref No.

Dear Sir,

Subject : Application under Right to Information Act.
Ref: Dwarka Sector 22-Underpass Water Logging

Ref: RTI Reply to Shri. Sanjeev Goyal ref no. PM2/FO/F1/28(09)/Sanjeev/RTI/DDA/617 28/8/2009
Ref: RTI application dated 18/9/2009 and Reply to Shri. Anoop Rohera ref no. xx

1. Water Pumps at Under pass Dwarka sector 21 underpass.
a. As per RTI Application dated 18/9/2009 and Reply para No. 2 provided that 14 PUMPS were installed. Where as on record found only 9-10 pumps. Even the DDA staffs verbally told us only 11 pumps. The Operators staffs told us 9 pumps. Please provide actual No of pumps in working on dates of flooded underpass (15/8/2010, 22, Sept 2010 and ??? )

b. Based on what water volume the 14 Pumps were recommended.
c. Have these 14 pumps were ever installed ?
d. What is the capacity of each pumps.
e. What is the capacity of DG Supply to water pumps.
f. Are the existing DG supply sufficient to handle all the water pumps?.
g. Have any recommendation/suggestion on records to increase the capacity of Water Pumps ?
h. Have any recommendation/suggestion on records to increase the capacity of DG ?
i. Please provide the name of the current contractor along with copy of the work order and contract to be disclosed u/s 4 of RTI Act 2005 under DDA official website.
j. Please provide a copy of the Report submitted by Chief Engineer(Design) and Chief Engineer (QC) as Ref in letter No. (PM2/FO/F1(28)/2007/702 dated 22/8/2007.
2. Electrical division responsible for Under Pass:

a. Please provide the Name,Designation,Mobile No, Email of the respective officials, SE, XE, AE,JE electrical for management/operation/monitoring of the under pass.

b. Please provide site visit Log book, Diary and notes for the dates on which under pass flooded and vehicle movment restricted/stopped.

c. Please provide reason for not answering to telephone calls by citizen to telephone no 9212115796 by Shri. Kuldeep Arora, EE-Electrical during the crisis on 22 Sept 2010.

d. Have any of the electrical supervising found delinquency and inefficient in monitoring the contractors work and handling the emergency/disaster of water logging situation?

e. Have the contract have any penalty clause, if so highlight the points.

3. Preventing water logging initiative on records:

a. Please provide as per records initiative taken by DDA to ensure in the next rain the under pass is not water logged?

b. Have Water raising marks were put at this site?

c. Have DDA displayed through visible boards to contact Senior/junior officials contact numbers for round the clock by public in the event of water logging situation

d. What is the current volume of water reach at this underpass even after building huge storm water drain by PWD.

e. Please provide current status of connecting the Pushpanjali side drain with PWD storm water Drain.

f. Expected date of Interlinking Drains as per schedule.
g. Have DDA inspected the Pushpanjali side of the drain have illegal connection by any of the farm houses to pump their water to this drain without approval?

Please provide the all requested information as above IN ENGLISH and once the information is received as per request and as per RTI the inspection of the records/files will be done in coordination with concerned departments(please indicate date and time). If any charges to be paid for photocopies kindly mentions the number of pages and amount. If any information available on the department website, kindly mention the link in the answers.

I am enclosing a postal order number 88E 400631 (Issued by Lodhi Road PO) dated 23/9/2010. I am leaving the payee blank. Kindly fill up the appropriate name.

Thanking you,
Rejimon C. K
President-Dwarka Forum (Regd)