Dwarka sub-city still lacks Security

According to the TOI report, lack of illumination is cited as the reason for this kind of crimes, whereas the truth is it is lack of extensive police presence (esp. in such areas that are dark and lonely) and hence the courage & boldness of such elements which is the major reason that needs to be tackled and not lack of streetlights which as all of us can see are also burning bright in many areas even at 1 pm daytime, and what about the crimes that are done in broad daylight where lack of illumination cannot be given the excuse.
Let us admit that it is lack of solid police patrolling and no fear of police threat among the goonda elements of today because they will be saved by someone or the other who is patronizing them. The kind of police fear among the rowdy elements of society that was instilled by Mr. KPS Gill in punjab during terrorism day there has not been paralleled elsewhere in the country. Pradeep

What does all these inaction goes to show. There is a nexus between the police and the criminal elements. Otherwise why would this continue unabated despite our taking this complaints to top brasses.
The one thing this country needs – punish them publicly. I am sure one such event will stop. These guys will think twice before even thinking to commit such crimes. And why not..if certain things needs to bought under control then there needs to harsher punishment. And these guys learn the hard way. Sorry for being so rude..but I think at some point action needs to be taken. Sudha

There are many M.P.Girish like cases happening here in dwarka in broad light daily. May be they do not belong to PRESS community , as such there cases are not highlighted in the news .Police have shown some interest only because Mr. Girish is from press??? can u imagine how many calls from a common man like us get attended to ?? Incidentally my wife is working in a reputed school in the same sector 14 where this incident took place . she was telling me her colleagues were almost victim of chain snatching during broad daylight
only ( APPROX 2:30 noon) near metro station . It sends shivers down in our spine and we can only pray to god for ourselves only Sandeep

I fully appreciate the views expressed by Sudhaji. SiIence 2 days have passed and there is no trace of the culprits, it is now some what clear that tracing them at this point is difficult and it would also fade away from the memories of the public in another 2 days. However, the crux of the matter is that, in case the culprits are caught, unless and until some harsh punishment is given these people will come out of jails in 2/3 days using their clout and start doing the same activity.
Such perpetrators of the crimes unless given harsh punishment, would always get out of the mess using their clouts in what ever manner. It is also another fact that its only once a person feels shy to enter a jail after that it becomes routine for the culprit to know the lacunae in the system and use it according to his needs.
It is a known fact that in our system if a person does not have a god father his case would take years to settle even for a petty crime and once you have your person in the right place even a murderer would be out of jail within hours.
The recent death of an MBBS student is also an eye opener. It is being reported that the culprits had good hold on the campus and thus the Management of the college did not do anything in spite of complaints made by the students resulting in the loss of a young life. Even though the culprits have been identified and arrested it is a matter of time that they would be out may be in some other college to do their acts again.. Menon

Over 5 Lakh+ residents of Dwarka Subcity remain MUTE spectator when such incidents occurs. These SPECTORS become NEXT Victim…(Who is next one Me or You?) time will give opportunity to 5 Lakh or even more.. Rejimon

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