RJAsians paid tribute to the martyrs of Kakori and devotional poet Narsi Mehta on UN Human Solidarity Day

Prafull D. Seth- Ranjan ben, RJS PBH Observer from Baroda, Gujarat, praised today’s Co-host Spiritual Guru Deedewar Ji for simplifying complex spiritual matters for guidance of RJSians.  He welcomed Deedewar to deliver today’s talk.

He praised Uday Manna  for the constant progress and achievements of positive Bharat Uday Andolan. Uday Manna  informed RJSians of forthconing Bihar Bharat Uday Yatra during 17-26th Dec. 2023, when amongst diverse activities, Amritkal Ka Sakaratmak Bharat Part 1 will be reviewed in a webinar with Shri Anil Sulabh,Adhyaksh Bihar Hindi Sahitya Sammelan on 24.12.24. As his birthday falls on 17.01 2024, he has vowed during  this period 17.12.2023 to 17.01.2024 to enlist 2024 new  members of RJS movenent, besides making efforts during 2024 to enlist 10 million new members.

Deedewar Ji briefly outlined the development of  family system in society. He explained that there three types of family: Natural, i.e. an individual body has a ‘family’ of cooperative organs such eyes, ears, hands, mouth, etc. Similarly, there is family organised by all the peoples of human society in which two unrelated members (man and woman) start a family giving. Third type is the family of such traits as Gyaan (Father), Shakti (Mother), Sahyog (Brother), Prerna (Sister), Shanti (wife), Aacharan (Daughter),  Bhavishbya (Son). The family concept and principles are extended to the nation as one family functioning according to the Constitution.

Furthermore, as reiterated by RJS PBH, the concept of family extends globally:Rashtra Pratham, Bharat Ek Parivar, Vishva Ek Ghar. If we understand the functions on three levels of Prakriti, Vyakti and Samaj, the well-being of families and societies can be sought to be achieved.

Deedevar Ji replied to or  clarified the questions from Sudeep Sahu, advocate, Prafull D.Seth, Ishaq Khan, Sudeep Sahu,Durga Das Azad Kuldeep Rai,Satyendra Tyagi,Isha, Akanksha,Mayank,Avasthi ,Khurana , and others, essentially telling that disintegration seen in modern families should be understood on naturalistic principles, but despite spatial distances, there should be retained warmth and emotional affinity to meet the challenges. As to why what is being preached by Deedewarji is not being practiced in the world, the solution offered by the spiritual guru is that individual experiences have to be systematically transformed from being mere information to knowlege for human solidarity. In the end, homages were given to our freedom fighters and martyrs of Kakori, and Narsi Mehta was remembered with reference. All the Program was Broadcasted live on RJS POSITIVE MEDIA YOUTUBE by RJS PBH Technical Team.