SAHAJ SAMBHAV completed 12 years of service towards society and National interest

By the Grace of GOD and the blessings of all Well Wishers “SAHAJ SAMBHAV” completed 12 continuous years of service towards society and national interest. The Anniversary was celebrated at the its own Office cum project site in which Social Activist Mr. Satpal Batura, Mrs.Usha Batura, Mrs.& Mr. I.N.Khanna, Ms.Meena Iyer, Mrs.Madhulika, Mrs.Renu and Committee members appreciated by Sharing their views and feelings about the achievements and milestones of “SAHAJ SAMBHAV”.
Recovery members Mr.Rajneesh, Mr. Harish and Mr.Kuldeep shared their experience about their life transformation span. They also gave strength and hope by telling them the challenges faced by them in their recovery process.

President Mr.Vinod Jhingan and Founder Director Mrs.Rekha Jhingan shared the journey of “SAHAJ SAMBHAV” right from its birth to establishment. She also described about the difficulties faced by her in life by providing such kind of service for society.

Anniversary cake and lot of snacks were distributed among all. An atmosphere of Harmony and mankind was there. SAHAJ SAMBHAV , a voluntary organisation is dedicated to the service of the society by helping individuals suffering from addiction and alcoholism.Under the influence of drugs and liquor, not only the person affected, but the entire family and society at large suffers.There is a need to have an enlightened outlook towards the menace by helping the suffers to come out of the clutches of this malaise. SAHAJ SAMBHAV endeavors to rehabilitate the afflicted persons in a scientific and socially acceptable manner.