Youth raise traffic control issues to SP Traffic

-Prembabu Sharma

A representative team of Youth Leaders of Noida had a meeting with Mr. Prabal Pratap Singh, SP traffic, Gautam Budh Nagar. Various traffic problems being faced by the city were discussed here. One of the primary points discussed was the problem of underage driving. The youth were advised to spread awareness on a local level, which they assured that they were already doing. They have met the principals of a few notable schools of Noida, including Amity International School, where the principal, Mrs. Renu Singh has assured them that no students shall be allowed to drive their own vehicles to school anymore.

Founder member Aditya Srivastava brought up the topic of some people flashing the flags of ruling political parties on their vehicles and refusing to follow traffic regulations. Unauthorised hooters and beacons are also seen at times. Mr Prabal Pratap Singh assured that special campaigns are being run to eradicate illegal hooters and beacons from the city. Another founder member, Ajay Chauhan complained about the menace of auto drivers driving rashly and parking according to their whims. He was informed that the chief problem is the autos meant to ply outside city boundaries, running within the city premises. However, steps are being taken to counter the challenge, and over 3000 challans have been issued to auto drivers in the past few weeks.

Ranjan Tomar and Ankit Aggarwal notably mentioned that most of the vehicular pollution is created at traffic lights. To stop that, all light must be fitted with timers so that people feel free to switch off the ignition of their cars.

Mr Prabal Pratap Singh informed the team that the department is also facing a few problems like lack of traffic police officers and constables, not enough number of cranes etc. On the positive side, all these problems are being solved steadily. He dreams of seeing Noida as a model city for the rest of the cities to follow, and so we can expect most of our parking and other traffic issues to be resolved soon.

He stressed that as long as the citizens follow traffic rules, all other traffic problems will sort themselves out.