Sandeep Marwah Nominated as Global Cultural Minister at Global Summit

More than 35 delegates from 23 countries of the World gave standing ovation to the legend in the field of films, television, media, art and culture promotion Sandeep Marwah who has created enormous world records and proved an asset in the field of art promotion in the World.

The delegates from 23 countries of the World announced Sandeep Marwah as the Global Cultural Minister. ”He is the real cultural Ambassador of Art and Culture,” said Dr. Bhisham Narayan Singh former Governor of many states of India.

Sandeep Marwah has been associated with more than 100 cultural organizations all over the World and has created a wonderful niche for himself. He has been honored more than 300 times including 54 international awards and accolades he has brought to India.

“It is a great honor and privileged to meet an international personality like Sandeep Marwah who is also the God Father of Nigerian Cinema” said Olusina Tunde Ayayi from Nigeria. “We are pleased to note that Marwah is also Chairing Indo Peru Cultural Association” said Vannesa Alcazar Jurdo from Peru.

It is Nice to note that Marwah is Patron to Bhutan Film Producer’s association” said Dawa Den from Bhutan. “ Impressed by the joint venture of film made here with Director from Afghanistan” said Mohammad Dawood Parwiz from Afghanistan.

“Marwah is also chairing newly constituted Indo Bulgarian Cultural Association,” said Irena Vasileva Lobutova.“I am please to note Sandeep Marwah- Man of Asia Honored With ISMRAX International Award at Bangkok for his Five-world Record last year” said Kattareeya Prompreing from Thailand.

“Marwah has been honored also by Iran Cultural Centre and and Republic of Iran Broadcasting” said Mohammad Nokhodian Esfahani from Iran.

The participating countries included Afghanistan, Niger, Nigeria, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cote D’ lvoire, Honduras, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Peru, Russia, Venezuela, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and India.