Teen Diseases

Subhash Chandra Agarwal

It refers to abnormal increase of adolescent diseases in the country. These diseases are result of fast food and fast life of modern era. Authorities should take serious steps to streamline public-life to save youngsters and children from rapidly increasing adolescent diseases. Urban activities should be re-adjusted to restore ancient life-style tuned to famous proverb ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes people healthy, wealthy and wise’ by restricting night entertainments and telecast of new episodes of TV serials by say 10.30 pm. Since smoking starts as fashion, therefore instead of acting in parts, ultimate step to ban manufacture of cigarettes should be taken.

Cola-companies voluntarily stopped selling cola-drinks in schools worldwide in view of increasing obesity in school-going children. But Indian government failed to notice such harmful effects of cola-drinks and till now allowed sale of disease for children. Union Government should ban advertisements of cola-drinks because of hazardous and addicting effects of these drinks making children diabetic at young age. It is senseless to exempt cola-drinks from printing ingredients on their bottles in name of trade-secret when every packaged food commodity has to print names of ingredients on their packs.

Earlier also, soft-drink manufacturers were asked to remove an oil from their products which was found to be harmful for health. Compulsory printing of ingredients on cola-bottles (including on refillable glass-bottles) will clear doubts about presence of any intoxicant or addicting substance in cola-drinks. Union government and soft-drink manufacturers should revive drinks like old and famous rose-flavoured ones, which can not only replace cola-drinks in India but even dominate global-market by breaking monopoly of harmful cola-drinks.