Satsang – Company of good and pure

Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning coming together or sanga of those who are seeking the truth, God, Being or Sat and the Self. Satsang is the company of a good person where Sat stands for godliness, and sang , for company. Company of the sants or saints ennobles, educates and ‘purifies’ us. Purify here means removing from our mind greed, lust, pride, jealousy, vanity and delusion.
On a more subtle level, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar explains that in most everyday activities our minds are separate from each other, we each have separate opinions and thoughts. But when we sing and dance together, we are one. It is a common experience that parties relax you after a hard week’s work, satsang takes this to the next level by being more healthy, and therefore more relaxing.

Art of Living organised Sumeru Sandhya at sector 9 Dwarka by Nitin Dawar on Friday, 14th June. Sumeru Sandhya is the premier Art of Living satsang experience. The evening event was attended by more than 700 people was packed with quality music, heart touching bhajans, Meditation and knowledge.

Art of Living will be organizing next Satsang on Guru Purnima day on Tuesday 3rd July 7.30 pm onwards at Community hall, Royal Residency, Plot no. 8, Sector 9 Dwarka. Join with your family and friends and witness the delight and pleasure of being with a renowned Art of Living singers.