Show criminal MPs the exit door

Today the Supreme Court confirmed its bold ruling that criminals have to leave Parliament as soon as they’re convicted. Now, with just two more days of this session, the race is on to stop MPs passing a new law that would allow gangsters to stay in power. 

The Chair of the Rajya Sabha and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha have to decide whether this shabby bill gets priority in the remaining hours before Parliament breaks up. If thousands of us write to them today, we could get them to send the bill to a Committee, delaying the decision and giving us time to kill it for good.

Rapists and murderers should not be the ones that decide India’s future. Send a message to the heads of Parliament now to delay, and hopefully even kill MPs’ conspiracy to keep criminals in power:

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Pressure is working. After more than 69,000 of us signed a petition to remove criminal politicians, Parliamentarians know they are on notice. A few brave MPs are starting to speak out on our side, but the majority are still pushing to keep thugs in power. Now it’s time to deliver the killer blow to their criminal conspiracy.

If this decision is sent to committee this week, we can press for a public consultation, and can target the committee’s members, one by one, to clean up India’s dirty politics. Once parties know that convicted MPs have to step down, they’ll put forward fewer candidates with charges against them at the next election, giving voters better choices and getting better legislators in place.

Send a message now to block the MPs rush to clear that path for criminals to stay in power.

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The Avaaz movement played a key part in getting the Clean Slate law passed in Brazil to stop corrupt politicians standing for office. Now it’s time to get a similar result in India.

With hope and determination,

Meredith, Aldine, Lisa, Marie, Alex, Ricken, Alaphia and the whole Avaaz team