Science week was organized ( 22nd january 2016 to 29th January 2016 ) with a wide spectrum of fun filled activities. Students were also sensitized towards significance of science in day to day life through observations and experiments.

Students of Class I participated in the activity ‘ Fancy Dress Competition of different professionss’. Class II students made attractive and informative posters on the theme ‘Save Water’. Students of Class III made a collage by using houses of different countries on A-3 size sheet. Students of Class IV made beautiful and informative pamphlets on how to keep their surrounding clean. The need to keep our surrounding clean was emphasized through it. Class V students made simple machines using waste material. Class VI students have made posters on the topic ‘Global Warming’. The creativity in the form of thought provoking posters mesmerized everyone. Students of Class VII presented power point presentation on latest disease.The children of Class VIII showcased various magical experiments based on the principles of science on 28-02-2016. The experiments, Centripetal force, Centrifugal force, Emulsion formation, the burning currency , harnessing solar energy, Static electricity, model of Jet Engine, Fire extinguisher, Multiple reflection , Surface Tension, Refractive Index, Atmospheric Pressure, Robotics, Polymers, Acid, Base and indicators etc. were the few attractions. Inter House Power Point Presentations on ‘Nobel Laureate’ for Class VIII was conducted on 29th January 2016 in school auditorium. The students put in their immense efforts in the presentations. Students of Class IX made calorie chart for 1 week. The students spread awareness about obesity, health and balanced diet. Class X students presented on ‘Tips and Tricks’ to save electricity. The participants showcased incredible talent and a great team work and spread awareness about importance of electricity in our life and how to use it judiciously. The week culminated with a laudable note for providing a firsthand experience to the students and enriching their scientific acumen.

Report received via e-mail from N. K. BAGRODIA PUBLIC SCHOOL