A Salute to the Dwarka’s Green Team

Rains may be weak this monsoon yet the spirit of turning the city into Green is paramount amongst Dwarkites. There is a good number of people be it members of ANGHLT, Sukh-Dukh ke Sathi, small children or even a passerby have all taken cudgels to be a part of the campaign for their own posterity.

In one of the campaigns at Sector 22 park, a senior citizen aged 87 years performed a Puja before planting a tree, and an aged grandmother defying her inability to walk without support of her daughter in law joined the lot to proudly plant a sapling with her granddaughter yet the sweetest was two and a half year little Tanya who did not know the show was over but still managed to plant a sapling.
Shri Prem Chand, Dy Director (Horticulture) and his team is at hand to provide all possible help to the people by way of his personal presence. There is no dearth of smaritans who are encouraging the people from different walks of life to plant a tree.

This reminds me of an article in these columns by Naturalist PK Datta “How Much Green Do We Need” in which he justifiably concludes “How so much green we may have would always be much too less” and generations may decide “How much Green do we Need”.

To set another example of vision, commitment and dedication to the cause Nature’s Hut stole the show by organizing Exhibition-cum-Sale of plants, a Workshop & Lecture and distributed saplings of flowery plants to leading schools, public institutions and senior citizen’s home to say it with flowers to Go Green.