Shanti Dynamite First Punjabi girl ruling Playboy TV Chat and Red Light Central UK

Nilofer Ansari 

From the USA to Australia, Macedonia to Kosovo, and unpronounceable names of the remotest places in the world, Punjabi’s has made people’s go balle balle, shaava shaava. Now is the turn for Punjabi Kudi Shanti Dynamite to rule the hearts of people across the world. She sparked the fire between us through her beautiful insane, curve body, sensuous deviants, erotic beauty and she was seen flaunting her flamboyant body on Red Light Central. She makes people go crazy through her hilarious Tricks on the show.

Shanti Dynamite was born to a Punjabi mom who hailed from Jalandhar. She grew up while going to the Gurudwara’s, eating Indian dishes, wearing Indian clothes. While growing in Indian culture she fell in love with the Punjabi’s. “I am proud to be a Punjabi girl. I am very strong and independent and I got the upbringing from my mother about the religion”, said Shanti Dynamite.

Playboy TV brought his audience to another level to entertain them. They bring diversity in television history which we have never seen before.The programming content on Playboy TV Chat and Red Light Central is more explicit than the softer material of its magazine counterpart. Shanti Dynamite spokesperson Satish Reddy said, “Shanti is the first Asian girl who gain popularity in UK, USA, Canada and now she all geared up to make people crazy about her in India.