M K Gupta

In case of doubt, you can now verify the doctor treating you at some Government hospital. In a far reaching decision, Central Information Commission has directed the Safdarjung Hospital to make public educational certificate of its physiotherapists so that their credibility can be established. “A citizen has every right to seek information regarding whether the physiotherapist is a licensed therapist and to a quack.” Said Annapurnna Dixit, Information Commissioner. Earlier, the Hospital refused to give details of physiotherapists who had joined the Safdarjung Hospital in 2007-08 which were sought by Okhla area Fuzail Ahmad. Refusal of the Hospital has made the applicant to doubt about the genuineness of the doctor.

The decision has far reaching consquences and will be applicable to all the Central and State government establishments in due course of time and will act to check fake doctors in taking up jobs in governments. This judgement should also be read in the alleged scam per[uteted by Shri Ketan Desai of Medical Council of India in granting recognistion beyond law.

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