Smart mobility should offer safe, cost effective transportation accessible for all -experts

New Delhi September 1, 2018 Smart mobility solutions should offer seamless first-to-last mile mobility that is flexible, integrated, safe, on-demand, and cost-effective and accessible for all .

“AS smart mobility is coming together of various key elements with help of technology the key objectives should include reducing congestion, fostering sustainable mobility that cuts down on pollution, providing seamless traffic flows in response to urbanization, parking, charging network, and leveraging economies of scale to promote cost-effective mobility-for-all “ said Mr I K Pandey , Additional Director General, Ministy of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) while speaking at a discussion ‘Fast tracking Road Safety ‘ organised by International Road Federation (IRF) and PHD Chamber of Commerce &Industry here today

“Given that Indian roads witness over 500,000 road accidents each year resulting in about 147,000 fatalities and India is signatory to the United Nations Brasilia Declaration, is committed to reducing road traffic fatalities by 50% by 2020 Smart mobility is the answer to a dire need to increase safety on the road, and, as the technologies therein continue to improve, we will see a decrease in fatal accidents over time.” Said Mr K K Kapila, chairman, International Road Federation (IRF) Speaking on the occasion.

“Cities with effective smart mobility programs will see a decrease in death and injury caused by human error, a decrease in congestion, and increased economic advantage. his enables citizens to make the best choices for transportation while increasing safety, minimizing commute time, decreasing the negative effects of congestion, and maximizing productivity.” Said Mr Ratan Watal, principal Advisor, NITI Aayog

International Road Federation (IRF), Geneva based global body working for better and safer roads world wide along with PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PHDCCI) organised a panel discussion ‘Fast tracking Road safety’ on as a curtain raiser to NITI Aayog’s forthcoming ‘MOVE: Global Mobility Summit’ to be held in New Delhi on September 7 and 8, 2018.

“ NITI Aayog, in collaboration with various ministries and industry partners, is organising a Two day ‘MOVE: Global Mobility Summit’ in New Delhi on September 7 and 8, 2018. to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.. Over 1,200 participants from across the world including government leadership, industry leaders, think tank and civil society organisations are likely to attend the summit. The summit is being held in India for the first time will focus on interconnected objectives of access for all, efficiency, safety and green mobility.” Said Mr K K Kapila, chairman, International Road Federation (IRF)

“ It is in this context, the International Road Federation (IRF) in association with the PHD Chamber of Commerce has organised a curtain raiser titled ‘ Fast Tracking Road Safety’ which will dwell on three key aspects, namely :Safe Roads, Safe Vehicle, Safe Riding, Education, Advocacy, Behaviour and Enforcement and Trauma Care during the Golden Hour..” Said Mr Kapila.

“The current programme will act as a curtain raiser for the MOVE 2018, being organised by the NITI Aayog in pursuit of the Hon’ble PM’s vision of safe, sustainable, accessible, clean and green mobility in the country. A sustainable mobility in the country will address a lot of issues coming in the way of safe system for the road users, for the vehicles plying on them, traffic rules adherence, etc.. While the MOVE 2018 will address Mobility and related aspects, the IRF through this curtain raiser will focus on the facets, which when pursued consistently, will lead the country towards better road safety scenario and take it closer to the UN Decadal goals.” Said Mr Ashish Wig , Chairman, infra committee , PHDCCI

The six themes for the summit are: Asset Utilization and Service, Comprehensive Electrification, Alternative Energy, Reinventing Public Transit, Logistics and Goods Transport, and Data Analytics and Mobility. The purpose of the MOVE Summit is to bring together and engage with key stakeholders within the rapidly transforming global mobility landscape and to evolve a public interest framework for a shared, connected, zero emission and inclusive mobility agenda for the future. This Summit will help drive Government’s goals for vehicle electrification, renewable energy integration and job growth and also speed up India’s transition to a clean energy economy.

“With this objective, IRF has been undertaking initiatives under the 4Es of Engineering (roads and vehicular), Education (bring about attitudinal change in the school children through consistent road safety education; education of masses through mass media campaigns – screening of short films in cinemas, etc.), Emergency Care towards strengthening trauma management during pre-hospital care, Enforcement for better traffic and road user management.” Added Mr Kapila

The other speakers at the panel discussion included Mr. R. K. Pandey, Member (Projects), NHAI, Mr. D. O. Tawade, Member (Technical), NHAI Mr. I. K. Pandey, Mr. Amit Bhardwaj, Deputy Adviser (Transport), NITI Aayog, Mr. Ratan Watal, Principal Advisor, NITI Aayog, , Mr. Piyush Tiwari, Founder President, Save Life Foundation,Dr. A.K. Gadpayle, Addl DG, MoHFW, , Dr. Nobhojit Roy, National Advisor, Public Health Planning & Evidence, MoHFW and Dr. Amit Gupta, Professor of Surgery and Critical Care, JPNATC.