Stamina, Art and strength are making rope skipping popular among crowd : Dr.P.K Khosla

As per the directions given by Ministry of Youth Affair and Sports, NADA organized a one day workshop on Anti Doping in association with the Physical Education foundation of India and Rope Skipping Federation of India (Regd.) at Chinmaya School, Noni. Mr.Vivek Medhi , Regional Director was the chief speaker of this workshop. Mr. Vivek Medhi, Dr. Ravi Dutt God(Director at Chinmaya School), Dr. Piyush Jain(Secretary at Physical Education foundation of India), Mr. Shailesh Shukla(President at RSFI), Mr. Nirdesh Sharma(Secretary at RSFI) and Mr. Ashok Kumar(Media Advisor) inaugaurated the workshop by lighting the lamp.

Physical Education teachers from many districts of Himachal Pradesh and also Coaches of Rope Skipping from different states of India were the participants of this workshop. While speaking about Anti Doping,Mr.Medhi focused more on the low awareness levels of banned drugs among sportspersons in India. He also laid the emphasis on the bad long lasting effects of banned drugs on various parts of our body which may further can lead to many more serious health concerns. He made the participants to take pledge that they will never use banned drugs during their lifetime.

In Award giving ceremony,Dr. Ravi Dutt God welcomed Dr. P.K. Khosla by honouring him with a shield and bouquet. Dr. P.K. Khosla enlightened the ceremony with his life experiences and wise words.He also congratulated RSFI for the consideration of their game by University of Delhi and offered himself for any contribution in this field if required.Dr. Ravi Dutt God also addressed the gathering with his wise words and thanked his staff members and support for making this event a grand success. At the end of it, students performed various skills of rope skipping and made the audience bound to give a huge round of applause.Every participant received their participation certificates for both Judging and Anti Doping at the end of workshop.