Unique Reward of Moral Character: Fearlessness

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

Fearlessness, bravery or moral courage is a unique reward of integrity and character. A man of principles and good character is never afraid of anybody. He is fully confident of himself and of his own conduct; and knows that he will not do any wrong thing. The man who is well disciplined in thoughts, speech and deeds can never be influenced by a weakness called “fear”.

When the Pope Leo X started collecting money from people for pardoning them from their sins, St. Martin Luther strongly opposed him. When the Pope realized that his secret tricks are being revealed to public, he threatened St. Martin that his head would be cut off. To which St. Martin replied that he would not hesitate to sacrifice even one thousand heads in the reforms of religion and for creating awareness among people.

This courage of St. Martin emanated from his high morals and noble character. Any characterless person would not have dared to walk on such a revolutionary path of social reforms. And by chance had one started, he would have succumbed to the threats of the Pope. But the strong character of St. Martin is worth saluting, which made him so fearless and self-confident that he could very easily accept the challenge of the powerful person like the Pope.