Students of Paramount School visited Don Bosco orphanage

Paramount International School firmly believes that Values are caught not taught.
‘The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved’
. Mother Teresa
Yes she is absolutely right. Life doesn’t treat everyone equally. Everyone has his own shares of joys and miseries. But as a responsible human being we can definitely come forward to make a difference in lives of at least few less fortunate ones. Even a little step taken in the direction to uplift the deprived ones can have long-lasting effects. We should not forget that we all owe at least some responsibility towards the society and our fellow beings. It’s easy to shun away and lead life in our own way. Or else one can try and come forward to make a difference. Shri Jawahar Singh (Chairman) and Mrs.R.L.Saroha(M.D) believe:

“Helping in the community can bring great benefits to kids—they’ll develop empathy for others, build positive relationships with adults and peers, become empowered to make a difference in their world, and learn valuable life skills.”

The students of Paramount International School visited Don Bosco Orphanage (Sec-7,Dwarka) . Hence, to act as role models for the students, a humble gesture of distributing biscuits to the children of orphanage was undertaken by the School.