For better Water Supply to Dwarka Sub-City

To,                                                                                                    New Delhi, 16th August 2013
Er. H S Dharamsattu
Chief Engineer
Dwarka Project, DDA

Respected Sir,

Subject: Water Supply to Dwarka Sub-City

As you are well aware that the water supply to Dwarka is very poor and almost on daily basis we have been receiving call from different sectors about that. DDA and Ministry of Urban Development planned this sub-city way back 20 years now. The basic supply of safe drinking water as per govt own set standard not being implemented by DDA till date.

In this regard I would like to draw your kind attention on our letters dated 16.7.2010,13.8.2010 and 19.01.2011 and various email correspondence and series of meetings held with then member DDA Shri Rajesh Gahlot we are sorry to inform that the situation is becoming bad to worse. Drinking water supply is almost dream for residents of Dwarka. Despite the fact that CM Delhi has accepted the transfer of water supply from DDA to DJB in the meeting held on 22/12/2009 we have not moved an inch towards that. We would like to know the action taken by DDA in this respect and the bottlenecks which deprives residents in Dwarka from portable water.

We would also like to know the requirement of water for Dwarka as per estimation by DDA and how much water you are receiving from DDA excluding what is being diverted to IGI Airport. We have been informed by various Societies and RWA that they are continuously informing your sub-ordinates regularly from Junior Engineer to Superintendent Engineers but it appears DDA is turning its blind eye so far as water supply to Dwarka is concerned.

The most unfortunate part is that we are not getting any response from any your officers except a verbal assurance that issue is being addressed.

We therefore, call upon DDA and MuD to ensure equal water supply for Dwarka at equal rate with rest of Delhi. Till the time the specified quantity of water not supplied, you are requested not to start any project or development any further sectors or sub city in Delhi.

Let us firmly and cordially inform you that in spite repeated requests and waiting if DDA and MuD is not coming to ensure the basic supply of water to Dwarka, we will be compelled to take this to legal course for which DDA and MuD will be sole responsible.

May I request on behalf of Dwarka Forum to please respond and let us know the fact at least.

For and on behalf of Dwarka Forum(Regd.)

Copy to:-
Mr D Dipti Vilasa
Vikas Sadan, INA
New Delhi-110023

Citizen’s reporter: